* Tequila Pong, Tequila Tasting and the Chopped Challenge are included with the All-Inclusive Meal Plan. The Agave Spa Experience, Closing Festival Dinner with Tequila Tasting and Tequila Spa & Culinary Experience do have a cost, stated below in the disclaimer.
To make your reservation, purchase the All-Inclusive Meal Plan
and/or purchase activity options

Call 800-464-0246
and reference “Tequila Fest” today!
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Please click here for more information on the activities offered during the Tequila & Agave Festival. Resorts reserve the right to modify or cancel these activities at any time.

*Prices for activity options:
-Agave Spa Experience: $80 USD per person-Tequila Spa & Culinary Experience: $175 USD per couple (2 people)-Closing Festival Dinner with Tequila Tasting: $50 USD per person

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