Similar to the U.S. and Canada, tipping in Mexico is a custom woven into its vibrant culture. As you travel through this beautiful country, remember that almost everyone working in the service industry here receives very modest wages, which means

    On Call International

    On Call Travel Protection

    On Call Travel Protection offers emergency air evacuation services to you or your family while on vacation or exchange, plus other valuable medical and travel related services. For Gold and Villa Preferred Access members only: the standard program is included

    Get rid of Jetlag once and for all!

    Jetlag can be a real drag on your relaxing vacation! Who wants to go a whole week with their internal body clock in the wrong time zone! It usually takes 3-4 days to overcome jet lag naturally, and that could

    Travel Packing (A Minimalist Guide)

    Travel Packing (A Minimalist Guide for women…sorry men you tend to do better at packing less than the ladies!) Packing a bag for travel can be stressful. Especially with the cost of checking your bags going up, and the limit

    Villa del Palmar Scam

    How to Protect Yourself from a Villa del Palmar Scam

    Are you worried about the potential for a Villa del Palmar Scam? Have you been told a host of nightmare stories about timeshare in general? Don’t worry, you can protect yourself from a Villa del Palmar scam with the tips