3 Days in Loreto, Mexico – The Perfect Itinerary for Your Trip

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A three-day escape to paradise is the perfect way to unwind and reset, and with its close proximity to the US and its international airport, Loreto, Baja California is the ideal destination for a quick getaway when you don’t have time for a longer vacation. With direct flights from major transportation hubs, you’ll be burying your toes in the sand in no time as you sip margaritas and look out over the sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortez. For the ultimate three-day Loreto, Mexico vacation, choose a variety of different activities to sample the best of the city before you return home.

Day 1: Exploring Loreto’s History
After checking in at your resort, discover the history and culture of Loreto, Baja California in the city’s picturesque downtown. At the central plaza, step back in time at Mission Loreto, the first permanent Spanish settlement in Baja California. From this church, colonial traders and missionaries explored the continent, and today, you can see its historic architecture and visit the adjacent museum to learn more about the conquistadores, pirates, and indigenous tribes that make up Loreto’s rich history. If you have time on your Loreto, Mexico vacation, continue to walk the trails of Loreto’s history to San Javier in the rugged beauty of the mountains outside Loreto. With a local tour, hike to the nearby La Pinguica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where historians have preserved ancient cave paintings, and on the tour, they’ll teach you about the significance of these paintings and the natural environment surrounding Loreto. Learning about all of this and taking time to appreciate the city’s history and culture are some of the most important things to do in Loreto, Mexico. End your first day with a feast of enchiladas, tacos, or steak fajitas, and sample artisanal tequilas and fine Mexican wines.


Day 2: Adventures at Sea
It’s the golden beaches and the glassy surface of the sea that make Loreto vacations truly paradise, and some of the best things to do in Loreto, Mexico help you discover the wonders of the ocean. Begin your second day with a relaxing and meditative walk along the shoreline, letting your imagination run wild with thoughts of life under the sea. During summer Loreto vacations, with warm and clear waters, scuba diving and snorkeling give you an up-close look at tropical fish, sea turtles, and even whale sharks. In the winter, you may even hear the sounds of grey and humpback whales if you stick your head underwater. Of course, the best way to see these majestic creatures jumping and splashing in the ocean is on a whale watching tour. Watch them breach the surface of the water and wave their tails before diving back down. After a day at sea, sample the best of Loreto cuisine: freshly caught fish and scrumptious seafood dishes.


Day 3: Play and Pamper
No Loreto, Mexico vacation is complete without adventurous excursions on land and some luxurious pampering. While the ocean offers exciting things to do in Loreto, Mexico, the mountains surrounding the land hold just as much adventure. Explore it all while ATVing or hiking, and discover incredible viewpoints where you can snap photos of your last day. For some travelers, the highlight of Loreto vacations is the award-winning TPC Danzante Bay Golf Course. Designed by master architect Rees Jones, the course is both technically challenging and visually stunning. The natural curves and twists of the land will challenge even seasoned players, but the sweeping views of the canyons and the lookouts from cliffs over the sea will give you a chance to pause and soak up the beauty of Loreto Baja California. No matter what your flair for adventure is, your body will be ready for pampering after all three days in Loreto. Spend your afternoon cooling off in the resort pool or stretching out in the soft sand, or treat yourself to luxurious services at Sabila Spa, where traditional healing techniques meet modern innovations. Afterwards, celebrate the end of your vacation at Danzante Restaurant, the premier dining in Loreto. Fine cuts of meat, classic Mexican dishes, and the chef’s specialities will give you an unforgettable dinner as you watch the sunset on the last day of your Loreto, Mexico vacation.


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