6 Things You Need to Know for an Extraordinary Vacation With Us

From the moment you set foot on our resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos, Cancun, or the Islands of Loreto, prepare to be transported to a world of pure vacation bliss and relaxation. This article provides essential details to ensure that your upcoming vacation with us is nothing short of a seamless experience, right from the moment you check-in. Get ready for an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime! 

1. Maximizing the Value of Your Confirmation Letter 

Once you’ve finalized your vacation booking with us, you’ll promptly receive a Reservation Confirmation Letter via email. This comprehensive document provides an overview of your reservation details, such as your check-in and check-out dates, the primary name associated with the reservation, and convenient links to the Club website for accessing resort information. Below is a sample of the Reservation Confirmation Letter for your reference. 

Please note that our Confirmation Letters include QR codes to provide you with more information about the topic you received an email about, such as the resort, transportation at the airport, and option details. To gain a better understanding of how to use QR codes, we invite you to read our blog post titled “The Ultimate Guide: How to Use a QR Code” by clicking here. If you prefer not to use QR codes, we have also included links to the same content, allowing you to quickly access the information you need. 

To gain insights about the resort you’ll be staying at, we recommend utilizing the links and QR codes provided in your Reservation Confirmation. These resources offer a comprehensive overview of the property, including detailed descriptions of the rooms and their amenities, information about resort amenities, dining options, spa services, frequently asked questions, and a photo gallery showcasing the resort’s beauty. Enjoy exploring! 

If you book transportation to and from the airport with us, you’ll receive a Transportation Confirmation Letter. This letter contains all the details of your shuttle transportation reservation, along with valuable tips on locating your shuttle at the airport. We strongly recommend thoroughly reading and clicking on all the links in your confirmation letters. Among them, the Transportation Confirmation Letter is particularly important. It provides a map with a link and QR code to help you navigate the airport, as well as a photo of your shuttle driver for easy identification. These details are designed to make your journey to your home away from home even smoother. 

When you book our all-inclusive meal plan and spa services for your upcoming vacation, along with any activities and/or tours, you’ll receive an Options Confirmation Letter. This letter will provide you with detailed information about your purchases, including the names of the individuals involved and any relevant dates. The QR codes and links in the confirmation letter will guide you to more information about our all-inclusive meal plan, including what it includes and excludes, and provide links for spa information. 

The confirmation letters were designed to give you all the information you may need for your upcoming vacation. Each confirmation letter (Reservation, Transportation, and Options) provides you with all the information needed to utilize what you booked as well as more information about this topic. Just remember to utilize the QR codes or click on the links to get the most information out of these confirmation letters.   

2. How to Utilize your Pre-Arrival Concierge Prior to Arrival  

A Pre-Arrival agent will contact you 90 days prior to your upcoming vacation, offering additional options not initially included in your reservation. This provides you with the opportunity to enhance your experience by adding any desired extras, ensuring that everything is perfectly set up when you arrive in paradise. You can conveniently book a range of options in advance through your Pre-Arrival agent, including transportation to and from the airport (the Puerto Vallarta region does not allow shuttle transportation to be booked upon departure), all-inclusive meal plans, spa services, special amenities, and exciting activity excursions. We highly recommend securing these options ahead of time to take advantage of the best member prices. However, if you haven’t booked them in advance and still wish to do so while at the resort, simply approach the Front Desk staff, who will be more than happy to assist you, or direct you to the on-property Travel Services Office.  

The Villa Group Resorts offer one of the finest all-inclusive programs in Mexico. During your stay with us, you can relish the convenience of having everything prepaid. Your sole responsibility while on vacation is to unwind, indulge, and savor every moment! We kindly request that you sign each check, as this helps us keep track of food and beverage consumption at our resorts. Please note that gratuities are already included at all resorts, except Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. You have the option to add an additional tip if you receive exceptional service, but it is not mandatory. 

3. Check-In Time at the Villa Group Resorts

Check-in Time: The check-in time for members and guests is 4:00 pm. If you arrive before the check-in time, we offer the convenience of hospitality suites (available at select resorts) where you can relax, change, or shower, allowing you to start your vacation right away. 

Meal Plans: During check-in, if you have pre-paid for your meal plan for the entire stay, you will receive your meal plan bracelet. If you haven’t pre-purchased an all-inclusive meal plan, don’t worry. You can add this option during check-in by informing our onsite team of the consecutive dates you’d like it for. We will gladly add it to your package. 

Credit Card Hold: Please note that all stays at The Villa Resort Group Resorts require a temporary credit card hold to cover any damages or unpaid balances. This hold will reflect in pesos on your bank statement and will automatically disappear upon check-out. It’s important to mention that this is not an actual charge, so no refund will appear on your bank statement. Having a credit card on file will also allow members and guests to enjoy the perks of a cashless resort. No need to carry your credit card around the resort or to the beach – simply sign and pay! 

To ensure you receive all necessary receipts and reservation confirmations, please verify that your contact details, including email and phone number, are accurate. We strive to provide you with all the information you need for an enjoyable vacation with us. 

Please note that check-in and check-out procedures are the same if you switch rooms during your trip for any reason. 

4. Our Resorts Have a 24-Hour Front Desk    

At The Villa Group Resorts, we prioritize the convenience of our valued members and guests. That’s why our Front Desk operates 24 hours a day, providing round-the-clock assistance for all your needs. Whether you require check-in assistance, have inquiries about your stay, or any other concerns, our dedicated staff is always available to ensure your holiday surpasses your expectations. Our ultimate goal is to make your vacation an unforgettable experience at any of our luxurious resorts in Mexico. 

5. Pool Access Guidelines

Access to the pools at a specific resort is exclusively reserved for members and guests staying at that specific resort. If you are staying at a neighboring resort, you will not be able to utilize the pools at a resort other than the one you are staying at. Please refrain from reserving pool chairs. Any items placed on pool chairs before the pool opens will be removed. During pool hours, unattended items on chairs will be removed within forty-five minutes to one hour. This policy ensures that the resort’s members and guests can enjoy the pools without them becoming overcrowded, ensuring the safety of all and a pleasant experience. 

6. Check-Out Time at the Villa Group Resorts  

Check-Out Time: Members and guests are kindly requested to check out by 11:00 am. As your delightful trip in paradise ends, we strive to ensure a seamless check-out process, leaving you with cherished memories of your unforgettable time at The Villa Group Resorts.  

Express Check-Out (where applicable): For added convenience, we offer an express check-out service at select resorts. With this option, you can skip the need to wait in any check-out line and interact with our staff on check-out day. Before your departure, please ensure that you fill out the Express Check-Out form. Once completed, drop off the form and your room keys at the Front Desk. It’s a hassle-free way to wrap up your stay with us. 

Airport Transfers: If you haven’t made prior transportation arrangements with your Member Services or Pre-Arrival agent, approach our Front Desk staff who will be happy to help you organize transportation to the airport for your departure. 

Luggage Storage: During check-out, should you require additional time, our attentive bellmen will gladly store your luggage. Moreover, we extend an invitation for you to enjoy our exquisite hospitality suite (where applicable) while you relax and await your departure. 

For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at memberservices@resortcom.com oy by utilizing the chat feature in the bottom right corner of our website. We can be reached by phone at 1-800-852-4755, or if calling from Mexico dial 800-461-0602. Our team is here to provide assistance and address any questions you may have. 

We trust that the aforementioned details will prove invaluable to you. Our aim is always to ensure a remarkable and well-prepared vacation at our stunning luxury resorts nestled in the heart of Mexico, your true home away from home. By providing this comprehensive information ahead of your arrival, we aim to equip you with all the necessary answers, allowing you to embark on a worry-free journey into paradise! We can’t wait to welcome you to our stunning luxury resorts, where cherished memories await! Wishing you safe travels and looking forward to seeing you soon! 

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  1. Each time we visit a resort and we have purchased all-inclusive, the waiter stands at your table waiting for a tip. If you do not leave an additional tip, they will chase you down and ask if you have forgotten to leave an additional tip. So, even though a tip is included in the price, each and every service person expects an additional tip. I don’t mind leaving more if the service is good but sometimes you get a horrible wait person. I really hate being looked for even if I’m already sitting around the pool

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