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Widen Your Vacation World with Interval International’s Hotel Exchange Program

We are pleased to announce that Interval International is now offering a Hotel Exchange program for all Interval Gold, Club Interval Gold, and Interval Platinum members. This program allows members to exchange their week or points toward a hotel or condominium-style resort stay in various locations all over the world such as New York City, London, and Tokyo.

79% of Interval members indicated that they wanted Hotel Exchange and now Interval International is providing members with this added value to their membership! Travelling the world just got even easier with this program and we invite you to utilize this new benefit.

Hotel exchange is the latest addition to Interval Options®, which already allows upgraded members to exchange toward cruise, tour, golf, or spa vacations, or unique Interval Experiences adventures, enhancing the flexibility and value of membership.

Hotel exchange – which can only be conducted online at and is initially available to upgraded members – will be launched with a special introductory transaction fee. In addition to the transaction fee, an additional payment may be required if the value of the week or points relinquished is less than the value of the hotel stay.

The hotel exchange inventory is in vacation markets such as urban and international destinations that are traditionally underserved by timesharing – as well as popular travel spots, such as Hawaii and Aruba, where the exchange demand often exceeds the supply of resort space that members have provided to Interval.

For further information about this new benefit, please click here.

We look forward to hearing about your extraordinary vacation experiences.

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