All-Inclusive Meal Plan Enhancements

Great news – your All-Inclusive Meal Plan just got even better! We are happy to announce that effective January 1, 2023, Club members will notice that enhancements have been made to all meal plans at the Villa Group Resorts. This article covers all the new changes we have introduced to meet the needs and wishes of our valued members guests. When you opt for an all-inclusive meal plan, you now have access to even more exclusive perks and privileges specially designed to enrich your vacation experience at your home away from home.  

Over the past years, members have been asking for the option of an all-inclusive plan without alcohol, and we are pleased to share that starting January 1, 2023, this will finally be an available option! We hope this demonstrates how valuable your feedback is to us. 

All-Inclusive Meal Plan Enhancements 

Our all-inclusive plans now include the following additional enhancements: 

  • 24-hour room service with no delivery fee at select resorts – we have removed the room service delivery fee at select resorts.
  • Removal of all additional charges for select special events – Select special events are now included – we have removed the additional charges for select special events and dinners throughout the year.
  • Inclusion of the honor bar, restocked once daily – the honor bar will be restocked once daily for no additional fee. The bar can be restocked more times per day, upon request, with a surcharge.  
  • Upgraded mixology offerings – we have upgraded our mixology offerings with even more snazzy cocktails. 
  • Addition of Premium Spirits and Wines – We have added more premium spirits and wines to the existing beverage list.  
  • Complete menu reengineering – the hotels will have all new menus updated and implemented by Jan 1, 2023. 
  • Addition of  premium items to the all-inclusive – premium items such as shrimp and USDA choice cuts (except lobster and Kobe Beef) are now included 
  • La Creperie at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta and Villa del Palmar Flamingos is now included. 

 **Please note: that Villa del Palmar Cancun is considered a TAFER Resort and is not included in these updates. 

 All-Inclusive Meal Plan Costs

Effective 1/1/23, the Villa Group Resorts’ all-inclusive meal plans including alcohol will be priced at $140.00 USD per person, per day, except for Villa La Valencia where the plan will be priced at $150.00 USD per adult, per day and for Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto where the plan will be priced at $130 USD per adult, per day. Children 4-12 receive 50% off the regular price. Note that Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto’s meal plan will have different offerings than what is mentioned above; please ask your concierge for more details. 

The Villa Group Resorts’ all-inclusive meal plan without alcohol will be priced at $120.00 USD per person, per day, except for Villa La Valencia where the plan will be priced at $130.00 USD per person, per day and at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto where a non-alcohol plan is not available.  

Villa La Estancia Cabo’s all-inclusive meal plans are $120 USD per adult, per day and do not include alcohol. Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit All-Inclusive meal plans have the option to include alcohol for $140 USD per adult, per day or to not include alcohol for $120 USD per adult, per day. 

For Villa Group Resorts, all-inclusive meal plan reservations on the books that were made before 1/1/23 will be honored at the existing price structure. Adding or modifying meal plans on and after 1/1/23 will be subject to the new rate. Some restrictions may apply. 

Make the most of your stay at Villa Group Resorts and book an all-inclusive package to enjoy our thoughtfully curated meal plan enhancements. The all-inclusive vacation of your dreams is waiting! Reserve today! 


  • Will this new enhanced program be for members only or will you be offering the same for people who book through

    • Hello Kenneth,

      Thank you for reading our blog. These enhancements will be available for members and hotel guests who book through Villa Group as well.

      Best Regards,

      UVCI Marketing

    • Hi Bob,

      Yes, they will and the price that you booked at originally will be honored.

      Thank you!

    • Hi Valerie,

      Our resorts do have gluten free items available. We do not have a full list/menu of just gluten free items at this time but you can ask your waitress upon being seated for what is available.

      Best Regards,

      UVCI Marketing

    • No, all-inclusive is optional. Everyone staying in the same room has to either be on the all-inclusive plan together or not be on the plan.

  • Hell o I will be coming down with friends and keep hearing about the new expensive price on these new menus. Can you please send me all the menus for Flamingos and PV downtown?

    • Hi Christian,

      We do not have individual menus by restaurant on the member site. We only have the All-Inclusive Pricing. For menu specifics, please reach out to the resort teams onsite.

  • When VDP Cancun was built, it was part of the Villa group and we were able to go there with the same benefits we have at the other Villa resorts. Due to business decisions out of our control, it is now a Tafer resort and we loose benefits. When doing AI, we will not get the benefit of all the updated enhancements. Is this really fair to long-term Villa members? Also, what is the price of AI now for the VDP Cancun resort? Thank you.


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