Bank Your Points by 10/31

We hope you have had a chance to vacation this year, taking advantage of the many options available to you with your membership. If you still haven’t enjoyed a well-deserved vacation and you don’t think you will have a chance to travel this year, don’t forget to bank your points by October 31st 

Why bank your Club points? 

Banking your points is the best thing to do with any unused club points because they will accumulate towards your next year’s usage. More points means that you can vacation for longer, book multiple units, or upgrade your unit size. Please note that Biennial members have certain limitations pertaining to unit size upgrades or banking options. In addition to banking your points for room reservations, you can also use your banked points to purchase selected amenities and services through our Points Redemption Program. 

Banking your points is useful when you have plans to travel more than once a year, because your banked points can be used in any season except during the holidays (Christmas and New Year’s). 

Bank as You Go 

A good tip is for you to bank your points every time you make a reservation, since they can always be “unbanked” when you need to use them. If you have an annual membership, your points can be banked for up to five years, while biennial members can bank club points until the next use year. 

Please be aware that points must be banked by October 31st. They are not banked automatically. (*However, Elite 5 Star and Residence Club members do have automatic vacation banking.) 

In order to bank points, you must contact Member Services at 1-800-852-4755 to make sure all your unused points are saved and ready for your next extraordinary vacation experience at your home away from home in Mexico. 

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