Best Summer Activities in Cabo

Massive rock formations, golden sandy beaches and days filled with experiences are awaiting you in Cabo. If you are unsure what are the best summer activities in Cabo, keep reading as we have covered it all – from thrilling adventures to secluded beaches, there is a bit of everything for everyone! 

Go Zip-Lining 

On top of our list of the best summer activities in Cabo is taking a zip-lining tour. These tours often offer a combination of an off-road adventure with a hike and a zip line experience. The tour is perfect for the adventure seekers and will definitely give you an adrenaline rush, however, it will also reward you with spectacular bird’s eye scenery of the entire area. While the program is suitable for people above the age of 8 years old, keep in mind, you need to be in a good physical shape and have a good stamina for the 3 hour experience.

Take a Boat Trip Around Land’s End 

Located on the Southern edge of Cabo, visitors can find one of the most iconic landmarks in the area. The peninsula is formed by sandy beaches, as well as massive rock formations and natural arches. While the views are absolutely breathtaking throughout the day, if you are looking for a more secluded and romantic experience, you might want to book one of the sunset boat tours. The winds are strong and the surf is rough and when combined with the steep cliffs contrasting to the endless blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, visitors are greeted with a dramatic but truly stunning scenery.

Sunbath at Enthusiast’s Beach 

Right next to the Land’s End, visitors can find one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Cabo – the Enthusiast’s Beach. Taking a boat tour is compulsory, as the beach can only be accessed by water. Once you step your foot on the sand, you will find yourself at the beautiful sandy Lovers Beach. If you decide to walk on the other side, you will reach Divorce Beach. Both of them are truly spectacular with the massive rock formations, the powdery sand and the continuously crashing waves coming from the Pacific Ocean. 

Join a Whale Watching Tour 

No trip to Cabo is complete until you have joined a whale watching tour. A wide variety of whale species pass through the area of Cabo San Lucas, especially between December and April. Some of the tour companies offering the boat cruises have a marine biologists on board, who will tell you even more about these remarkable creatures and will make your experience truly exceptional. 

Have Fun at Playa El Medano 

As the most popular and vibrant beach in Cabo, Playa El Medano will welcome its visitors with some of the best summer activities in Cabo. The area is lively, colorful and packed with people and it is the perfect location for people who want to dive in the hustle and bustle and just have fun day and night. The soft sand is ideal for sunbathing, while the calm waters are paradise for water sport enthusiasts.  If you are looking for fantastic summer activities make sure to try kayaking, jet skiing and snorkeling. Once you want to take a breather, choose one of the numerous restaurants and bars lined along the beachfront and grab a refreshing drink and delicious Mexican snack.

Find the Secluded Paradise of Bahia Santa Maria 

Situated approximately 10 miles away from Cabo San Lucas, Bahia Santa Maria is one of Mexico’s hidden gems. Just one glimpse of the scenery is enough to be completely impressed by the beauty of this secluded and remote beach. The powdery golden beach is in a horseshoe shape and it is surrounded by rocky cliffs. As a protected area, visitors will not find any facilities here, so it is a good idea to prepare before getting to Bahia Santa Maria. If you love underwater activities, make sure to grab your snorkeling gear, as you will find a fabulous colorful marine wildlife.

Baby hatchling sea turtles, a seasonal find in Cabo San Lucas.

Scuba Dive at Cabo Pulmo National Park 

It would be a shame to miss the incredible Cabo Pulmo National Park, which has also been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List back in 2005. As home to some of the oldest coral reefs in North America, Cabo Pulmo is a scuba diving paradise for anyone who loves to explore the marine world. Besides the colorful reefs, though, visitors are guaranteed to get a close encounter with sea turtles, octopus and even sharks! 

Ride a Camel in the Desert 

Not only one of the best summer activities in Cabo, but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience is riding a camel in the desert with an ocean view! It might be difficult to imagine, but visitors can find both the beach and the desert in one place in Cabo San Lucas. Covering a total of 50,000 square miles, the Baja California desert will impress you with its massive sand dunes, collection of cacti and unique limestone formations. The best way to experience it all is by booking a camel adventure in the desert and admire the views as the sun is setting behind the horizon.

Outback & Camel Safari with Cabo Adventures


Take a Day Trip to Todos Santos 

If you are looking for a more relaxing, yet truly fantastic summer activity, you should take a day trip to the colorful Todos Santos. Situated approximately 70 km away from Cabo San Lucas, this historical and cultural town will allow you to fully experience the authentic Mexican vibe and atmosphere. There is nothing better than strolling down the peaceful streets and admiring the colorful colonial buildings. Take your time and find one of the secluded courtyards, where you can sit down and enjoy a traditional Mexican lunch!   

Art is all over this charming town of Todos Santos.

Play Golf 

You might be surprised, but Cabo San Lucas is a golf paradise with its 18 fantastic golf courses. Golf enthusiasts will be excited to know that 4 of them have been ranked among the World’s Best Courses. Head to The Dunes at Diamante for awe-inspiring ocean scenery picking up behind the giant dunes. Covering more than 2,000 acres, the massive 27-hole Puerto Los Cabos is the signature golf course of the popular Jack Nicklaus, so it is definitely worth the visit! 

Are you already dreaming of spending the long summer days in Cabo? We bet you are! Which are the best summer activities in Cabo that you would love to try first? 


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