Best Summer Activities to do in Vallarta

Beautiful pristine beaches, charming coastal towns, and fantastic summer activities are awaiting anyone who is planning on visiting Vallarta! Regardless if you are a nature lover, thrill seeker or city breaker enthusiast, keep reading as we are covering the best 10 summer activities to do in Vallarta and you will find a bit of everything for everyone! 

Stroll Down the Puerto Vallarta Pier 

Widely known as the Malecon, the Puerto Vallarta Pier runs for an entire mile offering its visitors some of the most stunning ocean views in the area. While one of the sides of the promenade is bordered by the endless emerald waters of the ocean, the other one is lined with numerous shops, restaurants and bars. Strolling down as the sun is kissing the ocean goodnight is a fantastic idea, as you will also be able to catch some of the free music and dance shows. During the day, however, you will be able to immerse yourself into the artistic vibe of the promenade, as you are admiring the interesting public exhibits.

Try Wind-Surfing at Los Muertos Beach 

As Puerto Vallarta’s central beach, Playa Los Muertos is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. While, the vast majority of tourists prefer strolling down the pier, sunbathing and relaxing on the beach, though, Los Muertos is the perfect place to try some of the best summer activities in Vallarta. Due to the crystal clear and calm waters, wind-surfing is a great choice for all water sports enthusiasts. For all thrill seekers, visiting in December might be a better idea as the waves are massive and the conditions are more suitable for experiences surfers.

Have a Fun Day at Aquaventuras Park 

If you are planning a family trip to Nuevo Vallarta, you should definitely have a day filled with fun and laughter at Aquaventuras Park. Not only does the park feature numerous water slides and rides, but it is also home to the Dolphin Discovery Center. Among the two massive swimming pools, the climbing wall and the zip lines, you can also join the dolphin show. If you are looking for once in a lifetime experience, make sure to book a session for swimming with dolphins and sea lions as well.

Hike to Las Animas 

With a huge choice of beautiful beaches, hiking might not be among the most popular summer activities in Cabo. If you are a nature lover and hiking enthusiast, though, the trail from Boca de Las Tomatlan to Las Animas might be exactly what you are hoping for. Running for about 2.5 miles, it might be best if you plan an entire day for the hike. Passing by numerous tucked away, secluded beaches, the hike is a fantastic choice if you are looking for some off-the-beaten path spots near Puerto Vallarta, which will allow you to relax and enjoy the coastal jungles along the way.

Pay a Visit to The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe 

Your trip to Puerto Vallarta will not be complete until you pay a visit to the iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Despite the fact that the current construction dates back to the 1940s, it is believed that under the church lay the original foundations of a small chapel from the 19th century. Just one glimpse of the exterior and the marvelous brick bell tower is enough to be impressed by the Cathedral. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is the Mexican patron saint, visitors will also find a marble centerpiece holding the image of the lady inside the church.

Take a Boat Trip to Los Arcos National Marine Park 

Situated in the Banderas Bay, Los Arcos National Marine Park is a must-visit when planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta. The impressive views of endless crystal clear waters and massive granite arches rising high above the water are not the only reason why taking a boat trip to Los Arcos National Marine Park is one of the best summer activities to do in Puerto Vallarta. Under the peaceful waters, a unique and colorful marine wildlife filled with coral reefs and tropical fish is awaiting for everyone who decides to dive in and have a thrilling underwater experience.

Find Heaven on Earth at Marietas Islands 

Located almost 8 km away from Punta de Mita Peninsula, visitors can find a group of remote, secluded group of islands, which look like heaven on Earth. The islands have previously been a popular tourist destination, however, access is currently fairly limited, so you might have to check beforehand if there are any boat trips available. Playa del Amor, also known as the Hidden Beach, is the island’s jewel, as a cave widely open to the sky. Dipping your toes into the pristine white sand and admiring the marvelous views is definitely among the best summer activities in Vallarta.

Relax at Vallarta Botanical Garden 

Covering a total of 64 acres, Vallarta Botanical Garden is one of the must-visit places near Puerto Vallarta. While the main focus of the gardens is to preserve and grow orchids, visitors will be able to find a huge variety of colorful blooming flowers throughout the year. From massive palm trees to a massive cacti collection, the winding paths of the botanical garden will allow you to find peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Take a Day trip to Sayulita 

If you want to experience the unique Mexican vibe and atmosphere, you should definitely plan a day trip to the colorful and charming town of Sayulita. It is best just to get lost in between the narrow alleys of the city and find a local restaurant, which serves traditional Mexican dishes. Do not forget to grab a small souvenir from one of the shops to bring back all the good memories once you are back home.

Release Baby Turtles in the Ocean 

Last but definitely not least on our list of the best summer activities to do in Vallarta is releasing baby turtles in the ocean. Locals have created a conservation project, which aims to protect the incredible marine turtles. Visitors can join one of the tours from Nuevo Vallarta and in a sustainable way participate in the process of releasing the baby hatchlings into the ocean between July and December.

Are you ready for the ultimate holiday to Vallarta? Which one of the above mentioned 10 best summer activities to do in Vallarta would you like to try first? 


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