Gastro Culinary Week

Villa del Palmar Cancun is gearing up for the second edition of our Cacao-Chocolate Culinary event! This special event will take place August 18th – August 23rd, 2019.

Last year Master Chef Betty Vázquez thrilled guests by providing us with her delicious spin on cacao inspired dishes. The chef also held cooking demonstrations, explained the different ways to use cacao, and educated guests about the history of cacao and its use in traditional Hispanic culinary dishes.  

We are excited to have Chef Vázquez join us again this year for the return of this popular culinary event! She is partnering with two internationally known celebrity guest chefs and a high energy Parton Tequila Brand Ambassador to make this year’s Culinary Week an experience one that you will not forget.

This event will feature a variety of cacao, tequila, and mezcal inspired meals. Guests can participate in  “Chef’s Table” experiences where they get to listen to chef explanations, ask questions, and participate in live food demonstrations. Our Patron Tequila Brand Ambassador will offer samples and educate visitors on the best alcohol to pair with their meals.  

About the Presenters

Betty Vázquez – Master Chef Mexico

Betty Vázquez is a well-regarded chef in her own right, but she is best known for her appearance on the hit television show Master Chef Mexico. Born in the city of San Blas in Nayarit, Mexico Chef Vazquez’s fell in love with cooking at her young age. Her grandmother has played an influential role in influencing her technique of meal preparation. Chef Vazquez is a master at preparing authentically Hispanic dishes. At the age of 22, she went to school for aviation and became a pilot. Shortly after, she realized that her true passion was being in the kitchen, so she decided to become a chef instead. She has studied culinary in France and has quickly grown into one of the most renowned chefs in Mexico.

Dr. Ivan Saldaña – CEO of Montelobos Brand Mezcal

Dr. Saldaña is a biologist and biochemist with a passion for agave and traditional mezcal. He has teamed together with Don Abel Lopez, a conventional mezcal producer from Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Jointly they have developed Montelobos Mezcal; an artisanal spirit made the traditional way from 100% organic agave. 

Chef Sergio Escutia – Corporate Chef of Callebaut Chocolate in Mexico

Callebaut is a Belgian producer of couverture chocolate; which is chocolate with a high cocoa butter content used by gourmet and culinary professionals. Callebaut and his company still use a traditional whole-bean roasting technique that was developed over 100 years ago. This technique preserves the flavors and aromatic oils within the cocoa husk and gradually releases them into the chocolate. Chef Escutia will elaborate further on this method and provide samples for guests to enjoy during the event. 

Jorge Carillo – Patrón Tequila Ambassador

Patrón is a brand of premium tequila that is produced in Mexico. Its created with care and gets its flavor from the heart of the blue agave plant. Jorge Carillo is the ambassador for Patrón in Puerto Vallarta. We have invited Mr. Carillo to the event so that he can provide samples of the tequila, share his knowledge on the product, and explain how this delicious drink pairs well with the food that we are serving. You won’t want to miss it! 

Space is limited for all events and activities. The resort reserves the right to change, alter, or terminate the event schedule at any time with or without notice. Upon arrival, please see the staff at the resort for additional details.


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