Cancun Update: Pueblo Magico Status for Isla Mujeres

Though sun, sea, and five-star hotels play a key role in the vacation plans of many people across the world, these are not the only things that keep people heading back to the same places again and again. The Secretariat of Mexico figured this out a while ago, and have set up the Pueblo Mágico (Magical Village) program. “Pueblo Mágico” is a status which recognizes the cultural, historical, and natural interest and beauty of certain places in Mexico, and Isla Mujeres located directly opposite Villa del Palmar Cancun has recently received this coveted status!

A Caribbean Pueblo Mágico

The Tourism Board in Mexico has realized that Isla Mujeres is one of those places that has a special, irrepressible (and irreplaceable) allure to many tourists. Some are captivated by its beauty, others by its history… but all remember a visit to this part of Mexico. This is why last year Isla Mujeres joined 83 other towns and villages from all of Mexico’s 31 states to be crowned a Pueblo Mágico.


Fall under its spell

A journey to Isla Mujeres from Cancun is quick and comfortable. From Puerto Juarez port, just 5 minutes by taxi from Villa del Palmar Cancun, you can catch a ferry which will get you there in around 18 minutes with some truly stunning views. This ferry leaves every half hour from the port up until 11pm at night. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the views, and when you first land on Isla Mujeres be prepared to be utterly entranced by the tropical beauty of the place. There is also a car ferry that leaves from the dock just five minutes walk from Villa del Palmar Cancun but this ferry takes much longer and departure times are less frequent.

Day trips to Isla Mujeres

When you arrive to Isla Mujeres you’ll see that there are plenty of things to do, but there’s no need to rush. A day trip to Isla Mujeres is something you should definitely plan; the beaches here are utterly sublime, the weather is generally great, and better still the Island is small enough to get around in just a few hours, even on foot. Nonetheless there are golf carts, scooters, and bicycles for hire as soon as you step off the ferry which will make the process quicker. Just be sure to wander off the beaten track a little in order to see this island in its full glory.

Attractions for everyone

There are many different attractions to busy yourself with on Isla Mujeres, some man-made, others entirely natural, but we encourage you, no matter what you do, to learn the history of this tiny island. Finding out about the tiny statuettes discovered all across this island by Spanish explorers and how they gave it its name (the Island of Women) is really wonderful. There is also a Turtle Sanctuary and Dolphin experience center here. All of which have contributed to Isla Mujeres’ status as a Pueblo Mágico.

Isla Mujeres’ Beaches

If beach time is a must for any trip you take, Isla Mujeres will not disappoint you; the island has many stunning beaches to choose from. Playa Norte, however, is an absolute must. The waters here are clear, warm, and shallow, providing some of the best swimming to be had. Those who are not strong or keen swimmers will be pleased to know that the water is only waist deep for around 10 meters out from the coast. Why not visit the south side of the island and snorkel in some of the most gorgeous coral reefs in the Caribbean? Just remember your sunscreen and beach towel!

Make a point of discovering Isla Mujeres for yourself, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. This magical island lives up to its newly awarded magical status quite easily.


  • I’m interested in small condos / timeshare to rent by the month. I will be traveling Baja and mainland Mexico all winter. What do you have for a solo traveler, Isles Mujers?

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      Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your inquiry. Please be advised that we do not have a resort on Isla Mujeres however Villa del Palmar Cancun is right across from here. If you would like information on how to exchange, please email or call 800-852-4755.

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