Celebrate the Fourth of July at Villa del Palmar Cancun

It’s time to assert your own independence and celebrate the 4th of July on your own terms. If that means enjoying a fabulous vacation in Mexico, then so be it! To make your decision all the more attractive, we will make sure that the 4th of July will be celebrated in no uncertain terms at Villa del Palmar Cancun this year. While your countrymen and women are celebrating in fairs, parks and at street parties, you will be in the best place to celebrate: on the beach!

Celebrate your independence at the new Zak Lounge

What better way to take advantage of your membership and spend time with your family than by enjoying Cancun’s breathtaking scenery, surrounded by white sand beaches in a tropical climate with a refreshing drink in hand! And while you are here, you simply must try out our new signature drinks at the brand new Zak Lounge where you can enjoy a refreshing outdoor atmosphere day and night, with views of the sea.

Spa Time

Liberate your mind, body and spirit too. It’s time to pamper yourself and relax as our Village Spa team awaits you to provide the best services in an idyllic ambience. We are sure we will help you find the service you are looking for! Liberate all tension and experience what freedom really feels like!

Stars and Stripes Party

You won’t want to miss our Stars and Stripes Party in honor of the 4th of July. Our Food and Beverage team will be waiting for you in all our specialty restaurants to pamper and surprise your palate. Our bars will surprise you with its signature drink of the day.Tiki Bar - Villa del Palmar Cancun


We look forward to welcoming you to Villa del Palmar Cancun for your next extraordinary vacation experience.

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