Club Director Update

FREE Internet *Update* – We are so pleased and excited to announce that the Villa Group is now in the process of offering complimentary internet service to all members!  In an effort to respond to the many requests for enhanced internet services and to increase member benefits, the Villa Group invested in their own equipment in order to provide the very best of internet service.  The in-house internet service began in Cabo San Lucas at Villa del Arco and then continued at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas, and now they are getting closer to completing the project at the properties in Puerto Vallarta.  Servicing, signal strength and coverage are being monitored on a continual basis with fine tuning to the routers and equipment being made as necessary.  Internet services will be provided at no charge to all members; guests will be charged a fee.  We hope you enjoy this great new benefit and look forward to hearing your feedback!

shutterstock_137954777Change – After hearing from members who are confused, we want to make sure you are all aware of the current policies regarding changing money.  Please note that the resorts and individuals staff members cannot provide change in dollars. You may pay for something in dollars, but your change will be given to you in pesos.   We apologize for the inconvenience but many times the resort outlets do not have adequate change, so the policy is to not offer a benefit that they cannot service consistently. Please make a point to carry smaller bills and/or make sure you take enough cash with you.

shutterstock_177348536Dress Code at Villa del Palmar Cancun– UVCI members that are accustomed to traveling to Puerto Vallarta or Cabo may not realize that in Cancun’s restaurants the resort does have a suggested dress code.  For ladies this means that dresses, skirts, capris or long pants are recommended. For gentlemen, this means that slacks, Bermuda shorts and collared shirts are recommended.  No tank tops, flip flops or sport shorts are allowed.  Villa Del Palmar Cancun wants you to relax and enjoy your meal in a casual but elegant manner.

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