Did You Know? Elite Room Assignments 101!

I am an Elite Member Booking Multiple Rooms. Why Does It Matter Who Stays in Each Room?

When you first make your reservation you might not know exactly who is going to stay where, and because planning is not always finalized until closer to your departure, you might use “placeholder” names in the meantime. Please understand that listing the correct names of the parties staying in each room is the most important detail of your reservation.

Please remember that Elite benefits are non-transferrable. They are a reward for loyalty, and as such belong exclusively to the member. We understand that as an Elite member you want to share your benefits with your guests.  It is a wonderful and special way to be greeted on vacation with upgraded rooms, flower and wine deliveries, attend Elite events, and other Elite Amenities. This is why members chose to upgrade to the Elite program. It is natural to want to treat your travel party to the perks you enjoy as an Elite member. But because Elite benefits are exclusive, this is sometimes why co-owners will list one name on one reservation, and another name on the second reservation, even if they are really staying in the same room. However, having the correct names on the reservations can affect whether or not your entire vacation goes smoothly:

  • Rooms are assigned to Elite members differently than to Guests of Members. Elite members are rewarded for their loyalty with room upgrades and the best views, depending on availability.
  • Elite members are sorted differently on arrival reports. Elite members are assigned to a special Concierge Team that is different than the Concierge team for guests.
  • Elite amenities are pre-stocked into the rooms assigned to Elite members, and must be removed or switched if any changes to room assignments occur after the member/guest arrives.
  • Elite rooms receive daily amenities and turn down service that are exclusively for the Elite program.
  • Elite rooms are automatically designated in the system for the Elite 15% discount.
  • Elite rooms receive upgraded Wi-Fi where available.
  • Elite rooms receive Elite bracelets for the members, and guest bracelets for the guests in that room.

Elite membership has many benefits – and we want to be sure ALL Elite members on property can receive their benefits. When an Elite member takes a preferred room, or several rooms, for their guests, it removes these rooms from the pool of available upgrades for other Elite members on property.  Similarly, it affects the number of seats available in the Elite pool (if applicable) and beach areas, and for cabanas or beach beds.

So be a good neighbor – if another Elite member’s guest was preventing you from enjoying your Elite benefits to their fullest, you might not appreciate being on the receiving end of that scenario. To ensure the fastest check-in experience, proper room assignments, and fair and efficient fulfillment of your Elite Program benefits, we encourage all Elite members to please consider their fellow Elite members by providing and updating accurate names for all room reservations. Thank you!

If I am an Elite member, why don’t I automatically get booked into an Elite Suite?

All Elite members have an opportunity for two different benefits regarding their rooms.

  1. The first benefit is your Room Upgrade benefit, which focuses on room location and size, and provides for an upgrade of view and one unit size 7 or 14 days in advance depending on your Elite tier. Room Upgrades are only confirmed upon arrival, and although the resort always tries to accommodate these upgrades and pre-assign rooms in advance, they are not guaranteed, so you should always book the size unit you need for the number in your party. Please note that regular rooms are not upgraded to Elite Suites, they are upgraded into the next largest size regular rooms. Elite Suites require 10% more points to book, which brings us to #2.
  2. The second benefit allows you to book an Elite Suite (Room category), which focuses on room type and room amenities. These suites have been totally remodeled over and above normal refurnishing, and include  assorted premium liquors and snacks, furniture/ furnishings, accessories, décor, artwork, room amenities, draperies, bedding and linens, premium bath furnishings and bath products, terrace furniture, electronic and audio-visual systems, appliances, and other appointments. amenities are replenished once per week (minimum 2 nights) but must be requested. Please note: You may make a Guest of Member reservation and pay the 10% additional points to book your guest into an Elite suite. This will entitle them to receive the pre-stock/upgraded amenities in the room, but not your other Elite benefits because those not transferable. When Elite Suites are unbooked, the Hotel may book these unused rooms; however only Elite members, not Hotel guests  receive the special amenities.


My Elite Guest is Arriving Before Me – What Should I Know, and What Should I Do?

  1. Airport transfers correspond to the name of the Member, so there may be confusion when your guests arrive and are looking for their shuttle or car.  Please make sure your guests understand the name on the reservation, and also make sure that you have added the names of all  guests to your reservations.
  2. Depending on flight arrival times, if the Elite member is arriving later than their guests (or even the next day),  the team must change the name on the reservation to the Guest’s name in order for them to be able to check in. Additionally, the type of reservation is changed to “Guest of Member”( GOM) and will no longer appear on the Elite Arrivals listing.

This sets in motion all sorts of changes upon arrival. For example, any pre-stocked Elite amenities are removed, room assignments may be changed, and the Guest party is then attended by a separate group of Concierge staff. Additionally, guest bracelets may be withheld until the member arrives. These last-minute changes slow down check-in not just for your guests, but for every person in line at the Front Desk.  Most importantly, it does not give your guest the best experience or first impression of our beautiful resorts.New Elite Members seating area at Villa del Arco

The Elite teams will always reach out personally to their Elite arrivals to confirm all arrangements in advance, but GOM reservations do not appear on their Elite arrival listings. Therefore it is critical to communicate with your Elite team in advance to understand who is arriving when,  who is staying in each room, and if the member is arriving separately or later than any of their guests. This way the Elite teams can make sure everything goes smoothly at check in. Some regions have an authorization they will ask you to sign acknowledging that your Guest has permission to check in on your behalf.

We want the best vacation experience possible for you and your guests! Please contact Member Services for any questions on your upcoming reservations, and we will be happy to have your Elite team contact you.


  • Thank you for the detailed information which clearly explains the check in and room assignment procedure for Elite members

  • This written explanation of elite benefits for guests is more detailed than any I have seen at UVC and, certainly, is helpful to better understand our benefits. However, some of this explanation conflicts with what we were told when we upgraded to elite many years ago. Additionally, I know for a fact that non-elite guests DO occupy the elite beach section at Flamingos, which creates a disadvantage for elite members who are often unable to find an empty chair.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for reading our blog and commenting. This should not be happening. Resorts that designate a specific Elite area generally have it roped off and/or have a sign indicating “Reserved for Elite” or something similar. There are other general beach seating areas for members. Please email us more details about this (such as what resort you saw this happen at and any other specifics) to clubmail@myuvci.com and we can look into this further.

      Thank you,

      UVC International


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