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Support the Eagle’s Wings Foundation “$20 for 20 years!” campaign.

Did you know that in Mexico:

  •         High school students must buy their own books and supplies; only 45% graduate
  •         35% of the population lives below the poverty line
  •         The over 65 population is projected to grow 277% by 2050, with limited resources for geriatric programs and living facilities
  •         The health care system is underfunded for millions; approximately 45% of expenses are out of pocket, and long-term illness can be catastrophic for the lower and middle classes

Twenty years ago, Villa Group and Tafer Resort owners and executives Fernando Gonzalez, Luz Maria Torres, Owen Perry and Robert Kistner collaborated with key club members to establish Eagle’s Wings Foundation (EWF), an award-winning organization dedicated to the disadvantaged in the communities surrounding Villa Group and Tafer Resorts.  Since inception, EWF has donated over four million dollars in cash, in-kind and matched donations. The Developers also match member donations, which enables EWF to receive further matched government funds, at times effectively tripling the amount of funds for the needy. That is why your donation is so important! 

Show your support and give back to the communities that have given you years of wonderful memories by adding $20 to your maintenance fee payment.

 Your Dollars Support These Programs and Many Others:

  • Children – Orphanages, Special Education, Education Scholarships, School Bus Maintenance, Day Care Centers for Underprivileged Children, Training for Autistic Children
  • Medical – Programs for the Disabled, Physically Challenged, Medical & Dental Clinics, Mental Health, Substance Dependency
  • Elderly – Facilities & Programs for the Elderly, Physical Rehabilitation
  • Underprivileged – Food Banks and Food Services, Homeless Shelters, Thrift Store
  • Culture – Public Library, Literacy Programs and support of the Performing Arts
  • Humane Society 

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation is committed to giving back. See below to find out how you can help!

How Can Members Help?

  1. Eagle’s Wings Foundation donation line item on Annual Maintenance Fee – Look for the optional line item on your annual assessment. The suggested minimum is $20, but no donation is too small!
  2. One-time or recurring donations through Pay Pal – http://eagles-wings-foundation.org/campaign/become-a-volunteer/ – Click on donate, fill out the form, and the link will automatically take you to Pay Pal.
  3. Bring a Thing – Bring your donation to the resort or purchase items in Mexico, and they will be collected and distributed to those in need, such as schools and orphanages. Most needed items: rice, beans, toothbrushes/paste, shampoo, hygiene items, shoes, sneakers, school supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, coloring pens, notebooks, backpacks, non-toxic whiteboard pens, etc.
  4. Lobby donation boxes – If you have any loose change at the end of your vacation, drop it in the boxes at each resort lobby. The funds are collected and used for holiday parties at Senior Homes.

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