Eagle’s Wings Foundation Update: Pasitos De Luz

Eagle’s Wings Foundation helped Pasitos de Luz celebrate its new facility’s grand opening in October 2016. Now we need to work to finalize transportation services so that new facility can continue Pasitos de Luz’s important work caring for disabled children from low-income families in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Pasitos de Luz was founded more than fourteen years ago by a determined group of mothers who were desperate to have a place where their disabled children could receive adequate care and attention.

Pasitos is a lifeline for the more than 122 families who rely on the foundation to look after their children during the day. These children often suffer from acute physical and psychological illnesses and many are unable to enter the mainstream education system. Furthermore, by providing a safe place for these children during the day, both parents are able to go to work. This extra income is essential for many families who live in poverty.

Pasitos de Luz offers a huge range of essential services, including physical rehabilitation, psychological care, nutrition and much more.

Eagle’s Wings Foundation’s priority is to find a way to transport our children to the new Casa Connor center. At the moment, we have the small Pasitos de Luz bus, with capacity for 25 children. The bus donated to the Integral Development of the Family, is in the process of registering the license plates in order to move it. This will allow us to move 40 more people. On average, they will transport 100 people daily between children and adults (Mon – Fri). Current facilities will continue to be open as a transfer point , physical therapy services for some children will continue to be offered at existing facilities.

For more information or to make a donation for Pasitos de Luz please click here.



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