Eagle’s Wings Foundation Update: The Orchestra School of Puerto Vallarta

The Orchestra School of Puerto Vallarta (Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta – OEPV) is a nonprofit association founded in 2012. Through an integrated educational model incorporating human and musical values, the school’s mission is to develop leaders that directly impact their communities in a positive way.

OEPV offers a system of teaching and musical work that strives to influence young people within the orchestral environment; the school downplays the individual quality of the performer in favor of the overall group. The goal is not to train soloists; it is to incorporate each young person into the work of the orchestra, awaken the taste for music, and foster a sense of group conscience and appreciation for the culture of collaboration and teamwork. The project does not pretend to form career musicians, although it will give them a foundation if they decide to pursue that path. OEPV incorporates section teacher leaders, tutors, a conductor, and special guests such as renowned orchestra directors, teachers and musicians who provide clinics and workshops for the children and encourage advanced students to participate in national orchestra meetings, festivals and training. The project aims to give back to the community through its promotion of culture and the arts.  It fosters a sense of belonging in its young members and also enhances Puerto Vallarta as a cultural center in the region, adding to the range of experiences Vallarta offers as a vacation destination.

In fall of 2017, Eagle’s Wings Foundation raised $35,000 for the school, which was matched by the Villa Group for a total of $70,000. These funds were earmarked for the Orchestra School of Puerto Vallarta to expand into two new neighborhoods to benefit those communities. OEPV specifically identified areas where there is the greatest socio-economic need, some of which are home to Villa Group employees. This is a program that benefits the students, their families, and the community, and we are proud to support them.

The Eagle’s Wings Board of Directors


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