Elite Suites Part 2 – Room Location & Pre Stock Amenity Package Vs. Honor Bar

Elite Suite Description

An Elite Suite is a room category that is offered at the Villa Group properties in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Los Cabos and Loreto. It is a regular room that has been upgraded with a variety of furnishings and amenities. These include items and appointments such as fine thread count linens, upgraded terry towels, Nespresso coffee makers and other appliances, Apple TVs, special bath amenities, Bose speakers, and a premium pre-stock. The fact that they are called “Elite Suites” does not mean Elite members automatically get these rooms; it means that only Elite members are allowed to book them. Because of the additional appointments and amenities, there is an additional 10% point charge added to reservations for this room type.  

Elite Suites/Location

  • Members have different priorities when traveling, and what constitutes a “better” or more desirable room varies widely depending on preferences. Some members want to be as close to the beach as possible, others want to be on a higher floor, others want to be closest to certain elevators or nearer to the lobby. PLEASE NOTE, all rooms that have been refurbished/upgraded into the Elite Suites Category are situated in the following specific areas of the resorts:  VDP downtown Vallarta: Building 8; VDP Flamingos: 6th Floor; VDP Cabo – Building 1, 5th Floor; Villa del Arco – 6th Floor; Loreto – Building #4, floors 2-5/Building 1 – unit types vary; Villa la Valencia – Tower 3, Floors 8 & 9 (to be finalized). 
  • One of the Elite benefits is a room upgrade if it is available upon your arrival. Please note the following details regarding upgrades: 
    • If booked in a Standard room: Based on availability, Elite members apply for the next room size in the Standard inventory.  
    • If booked in an Elite Room: Based on availability, Elite members may apply for the next room size in Elite or Standard inventory. If a member decides to upgrade into a standard room, the Elite Suite Welcome Basket of goodies/alcohol will be moved to that unit. Points refund does not apply. 
    • All upgrades are based on availability and are not guaranteed. 
  • An Elite Member with multiple rooms booked may request adjacent rooms. However, adjacent rooms cannot be guaranteed based on the room type requested and/or if one or more reservations is for an Elite Suite.  

Elite Suite Pre-Stock vs. Honor Bar

When booking an Elite Suite, Elite members have the choice of purchasing an all-inclusive meal plan (AI), or buying meals individually (European Plan or EP). Villa Group has recently enhanced the meal plan specifics and daily honor bar restocks are now included when any member, including Elite members, purchases a meal plan at all Villa Group Resorts except at the Islands of Loreto. Because Elite Suites also have a premium pre-stock, there has been some confusion regarding the difference between the Elite Suite stock and the Honor Bar/All-inclusive stock and their respective replenishments.  The simplest way to understand the difference is by remembering that not all Elite members purchase meal plans, and not all Elite members book Elite Suites.  An Elite member can book an Elite Suite, but be on EP, and therefore their Elite Suite amenities would be replaced at no charge once weekly. Or, an Elite member can book a regular room (not an Elite Suite) and purchase a meal plan, and their honor bar items would be replaced at no charge daily. Finally, an Elite member can book an Elite Suite AND ALSO purchase a meal plan, in which case they are entitled to two different room stock packages.  Let’s break it down: 

Elite Suite Amenity Package *Restocked weekly – These items are usually placed in a basket on the kitchen counter as well as in the fridge. The items may or may not have stickers, but that is because all the inventory comes from the same place. Please note that the Elite Suite Amenity package includes the following inventory: 2 Cokes, 2 Coke lights, 2 Sprites, 2 sparkling waters, 2 Coronas, 2 Pacifico’s, 2 Pacifico lights, 4 Bonafont bottled waters, 2 Red Bulls, 2 Gatorades, 1 margarita mix, 1 demi bottle tequila, 1 demi bottle vodka, 1 demi bottle Scotch whiskey, 1 orange juice, 1 bag roasted peanuts, 2 bag of potato chips, 1 pack of cookies, 1 ACT II microwave popcorn.  These items are placed in the room for initial fulfillment provided the Elite member stays a minimum of two nights. The items will then be replenished (upon request) at no charge once per 7-night stay; after the first week there are no partial replenishments for increments less than 7 full days. *Honor bar items cannot be taken in place of the Elite pre-stock.   

Honor Bar/All Inclusive (AI) Package *Restocked daily – Honor bar items should all have stickers on them. The items include the following inventory: 2 Coke lights, 2 Sprites, 2 Coronas, 2 Pacifico lights, 2 Apple juice, 2 Bonafont bottled waters, Snickers bar, 1 bag of roasted peanuts, 2 bags of chips de taro 1 energy bar, 1 ACT II microwave popcorn.  For regular and Elite members who purchase an all-inclusive meal plan, the honor bar is included. For members who do not purchase a meal plan, the Honor bar items are tracked via sticker and charged to your room.  

Please note that these photos are examples of what may be included in the Honor Bar and are not actual representations. Honor Bar amenities are subject to differ.

*For both the Elite Suite Package and the Honor Bar/AI package, the ability for the resorts to restock specific items varies by destination. Therefore, all items may be changed for similar or equivalent replacements without prior notification.  

We hope that this answers some of your questions about Elite Suites. Booking one of these upgraded units is a great way to treat yourself and/or guests staying with you in your room. We want you to be informed so you can make the reservation decision that is best for you and your traveling party


  • I didn’t realize the EP plan was offered at VDP PV. What does the EP plan include at VDPPV? I also understood that if there were items stocked in the Elite suite but would never be used p, a substitution product would be available.. As a 5 star elite, I have never received a welcome basket if I was in a standard room.

    • Hi Joy,

      The “EP Plan” is items a-la carte, meaning you purchase whatever you’d like and all items have a different cost.

      In regards to your welcome basket question, I have forwarded your question to our Club Team and we will be in touch with you to ensure that you are aware of the differences between the Welcome benefits for regular rooms, for 4 star members versus 5 star members, as well as the difference between those Welcome benefits and Elite Suite benefits. We will be in touch.

      Best Regards,

      Marketing Team

  • Does elite member get the welcome basket of goodies and drinks when stay in the standard unit or does it have to be staying in the elite suite to get the welcome basket when staying at the island of Loreto? Thanks

    • Hello Adaline,

      All Elite members (4 star, 5 star and Residence Club) receive a complementary bottle of wine as a Welcome Amenity. 5 star and Residence Club members further receive a fresh fruit basket and a flower arrangement as Welcome Amenity. These are separate from the full package of liquor, soft drinks and snacks that are included in an Elite Suite Booking.

      Hope this helps!

      Best Regards,

      UVC Marketing

  • As an Elite member, I assume that when I book a room either through the reservation system or on a phone call, I’ll be given an Elite Suite. But based on this message, I’m not so sure anymore. Do I have to specifically ask for an Elite room, or is one assigned to me because I’m an Elite Member?

    • Hi Spencer,

      Yes, you have to specifically request an Elite room as this costs more points and is not automatic.

      Hope this helps!

  • If I reserve an Elite studio do I get all of the benefits you mentioned including the amenity package restocked weekly if one asks?


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