Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do During Your Next Mexico Vacation

Mexico is a destination that is popular with families all around the world, and for good reason. From stunning beaches to cultural experiences and natural wonders, Mexico has something to offer for everyone. Our resort destinations in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Los Cabos, Riviera Nayarit, and the Islands of Loreto are among the top destinations in Mexico that offer a wealth of fun family-friendly activities to enjoy. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best activities and attractions geared to families in these destinations, so you can plan an unforgettable trip for the whole family. So pack your bags, grab the kids, and get ready to explore the wonders of Mexico! 

 Puerto Vallarta 

  • ChocoMuseo 

ChocoMuseo is a chocolate-themed museum where visitors can learn to make chocolate, buy treats, and participate in workshops. It’s an excellent activity suitable for all ages, providing an opportunity to enjoy educational chocolate-based fun. The museum offers workshops, where visitors can learn about the chocolate-making process and make their own chocolate. There are also other workshops, like learning how to make mole poblano. The museum’s top floor features a cafe and store selling various chocolate-based products. Conveniently located just 12 minutes (2.4 miles) by car from Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, ChocoMuseo is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an educational chocolate adventure.

  • TierraLuna Gardens  

TierraLuna Gardens is a unique outdoor space, located in the mountains outside of Puerto Vallarta at Garza Blanca Preserve Puerto Vallarta. It’s about a 30-minute (7.7 miles) drive from Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, offering a perfect escape from the city. TierraLuna Gardens boasts a botanical-inspired shopping village with nine specialized boutiques, offering a range of sustainable fashion, locally designed jewelry, and artisan crafts. One of the most enchanting features of TierraLuna Gardens is the family carousel, where you can ride on exotic animals such as giraffes and elephants. And if you’re in the mood for some delicious cuisine, be sure to check out Karuma Steakhouse and Grill Restaurant, where you can indulge in the highest quality cuts of beef, including Bone-In Rib Eye, Kansas Steak, Prime Rib, and Tomahawk. Don’t miss out on TierraLuna’s weekly Jazz Night & Farmers Market, taking place on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (seasonal November through May). It’s the perfect way to unwind and enjoy live music and local art.

  • Los Arcos National Marine Park 

Los Arcos, a marine reserve just a few miles south of Puerto Vallarta, is a must-visit spot with its large granite islands that shoot up from the ocean. It’s ideal for snorkeling, boasting underwater caves, reefs, and diverse marine life such as sea turtles, manta rays, and colorful fish. Los Arcos is easily accessible, just a 40-minute drive (10 miles) from Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta and over an hour’s drive (37 miles) from Villa del Palmar Flamingos.

Riviera Nayarit 

  • Sayulita 

Sayulita is a small town located about 35 minutes (16 miles) north of Villa del Palmar Flamingos and a perfect destination for families seeking a laid-back, bohemian atmosphere. With its colorful buildings, street art, and bustling market, the town offers plenty to explore. Spend your day relaxing on the beach, taking surf lessons with  bilingual instructors, or renting paddle boards. For those looking for something off the beach, artisanal shops and bohemian restaurants provide an alternative option. 

  • Swim with Dolphins 

Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience that allows you to get up close and personal with these intelligent and playful creatures. There are a few reputable companies that offer dolphin swim experiences, which typically include a brief orientation and safety briefing before heading into the water. Depending on the package you choose, you may have the opportunity to ride on the dolphins’ dorsal fins, play games with them, or even receive a kiss from a dolphin. These excursions are not only entertaining, but also educational, as they offer insight into the behavior and communication of these fascinating mammals. Ask your Member Services agent or concierge about helping you book a dolphin swim experience.

  • Entreamigos 

Entreamigos is a remarkable community center that provides a safe and educational environment for local kids in San Pancho. The center supports learning and the development of new skills through its library, scholarship program, and classes and workshops, all of which are open to the public free of charge from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The center’s impressive facility, made almost entirely out of recycled materials, is itself worth touring, and your kids will get to interact with local kids for a more cultural experience. To see what activities are available during your visit, contact Entreamigos at +52 311 258 4377 or email They often host storytime in the garden or fun origami crafts. Donations are always welcome, and you can also support the center by shopping at The Entreamigos Gallery, which features a unique collection of handmade gift items made at their Eco-Design workshops. Afterward, treat the kids to some delicious and nutritious artisan chocolates made with cacao, coconut oil, agave honey, vanilla, and cinnamon at Mexicolate, a small shop located across the street. San Pancho is only an 18-mile, 40-minute drive from Villa del Palmar Flamingos.


  • Ventura Park 

Ventura Park is Cancun’s premier amusement and water park, offering endless entertainment for the whole family. The park’s various “worlds” include Aaah!Ventura, Grand Prix (a go-kart track by the sea), Fun World, Wet’n Wild, Underworld, Beach Club, and Dolphinaris. With a range of attractions, including water slides, zip lines, and virtual reality games, there’s something for everyone. The park also features a dedicated area for small children, complete with a playground and kid-friendly rides. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and stalls offering delicious food and drinks. Ventura Park is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, so don’t miss out on a day full of adventure and fun in Cancun! Located a 40 minute drive (20 miles) from Villa del Palmar Cancun. 

  • Playa Delfines 

Playa Delfines, also known as “El Mirador,” is a must-visit beach in Cancun. Unlike other beaches in the Hotel Zone, this unspoiled area is free from buildings, restaurants, or any kind of structures, providing a serene and unparalleled view of the Caribbean ocean. Playa Delfines also features a playground for kids, which is perfect for parents who want to entertain their little ones. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the wooden lookout area and colorful letters spelling out “Cancun” for the perfect family vacation photos. Located 35 minutes driving (18 miles) from Villa del Palmar Cancun.

  •  Jolly Roger Pirate Ship 

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting activity for the whole family in Cancun, don’t miss the pirate show and dinner cruise on the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship. This swashbuckling dinner cruise includes pirate games, acrobatic performances, hilarious entertainment, and a gourmet buffet dinner aboard an authentic pirate galleon. With three dinner menus to choose from, including options for kids, there’s something for everyone. Contact Member Services or your concierge for more information and to book this activity. 

Los Cabos 

  • Medano Beach 

This bustling beach, located in the heart of the city, has become a hub of activity with its wide variety of food and drink options, adventure tours, and picturesque white sands. The beach is swimmable and safe, making it perfect for families looking to relax and soak up the sun. Whether you want to try some delicious local cuisine, shop for souvenirs from local vendors, or take part in exciting water sports, Medano Beach is the ideal spot to spend a memorable day with your family.

  • Visit the Glass Factory 

The Glass Factory, located just a mile from downtown Cabo San Lucas, is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience the art of glassblowing. The building’s entrance is framed by impressive cacti, while stained glass windows adorn the interior. Visitors can watch demonstrations by skilled glassmakers creating an array of glasses, animals, and vases from recycled glass sourced from the local area. Seating is provided for spectators to enjoy the process. The gallery and showroom offer an opportunity to purchase the beautiful pieces created on-site. Families will appreciate the educational experience and eco-friendly focus, making it a perfect alternative to the bustling marina area.

  • Go Horseback Riding 

Cuadra San Francisco is a world-class equestrian center in Los Cabos, founded by internationally renowned horse trainer Francisco J. Barrena and his son Valente F. Barrena. With over 60 horses born on-site, including Iberian blood, Andalusian, and Lusitano breeds, the horses are well-trained and well-fed. Families can enjoy private trail rides, including one-hour rides to the hills of Venado Blanco or along Cabo Real beach, and two-hour mixed trail rides or a canyon ride in Arroyo San Carlos. Additionally, Cuadra San Francisco offers trail rides for kids on their own pony. Cuadra San Francisco is an 18 minute drive (12 miles )from Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa del Arco.

Islands of Loreto 

  • Loreto Bay National Marine Park 

The Loreto Bay National Marine Park is a protected area located in the Gulf of California, just off the coast of the municipality of Loreto. Established in July 1996, this marine park spans a large territorial extension and includes several magnificent islands such as the crowned islands, Isla del Carmen, Danzante, Montserrat, and Santa Catalina (or Catalan), as well as numerous islets. Visitors can enjoy a boat tour to explore the different islands and take part in activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or whale watching (during the season). The park’s crystal-clear waters are teeming with a rich variety of marine life, boasting more than 800 fish species, dolphins, sea turtles, and even whales. Because of this impressive biodiversity, it earned the nickname “the aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau. In addition to exploring the stunning natural scenery, visitors can enjoy a range of activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, glass bottom boat tours, and jet skiing. To enter the park, visitors need to purchase a daily Marine Park Pass, which costs approximately $90 Pesos or $4.50 USD (prices subject to change). Additional fees apply for some activities, such as the glass bottom boat or jet ski rentals. The Loreto Bay National Marine Park is an absolute must-visit destination for anyone who loves nature, adventure, and marine life.

  • Tour of the Historic Town of Loreto 

Loreto is a charming town that offers a rich cultural experience for visitors of all ages. The town is home to the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto, which was the first mission in Baja California Sur and the first California mission built by the Spanish in 1697. Along with an impressive collection of paintings, the mission also houses the Museum of Missions, where you can find an array of religious objects from the 16th and 17th centuries. There are guided tours that provide an enriching educational experience for both children and adults. Beyond the mission, visitors can explore the town’s cobblestone streets, browse artisan shops, and savor the delicious regional cuisine at local restaurants. Whether you’re seeking history, culture, or simply a taste of local charm, a day trip to Loreto promises to be a memorable family outing.

  • Hike up the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains 

Hiking with kids in the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains is a wonderful way to introduce them to the outdoors and instill a love for nature. The mountains, located in Baja California Sur, offer a variety of trails suitable for families with children. These trails vary in difficulty, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your family’s abilities. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to see breathtaking views of the mountains and the surrounding landscape. You may also encounter local flora and fauna, such as cacti, birds, and lizards, adding to the educational value of the experience. Remember to bring plenty of water and snacks, as well as sunscreen and hats, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable hike for everyone. To make the most out of your hiking experience and stay on the right path, it’s recommended that you take a guided tour. You can ask Member Services or the concierge about the recommended guided tours. 

Mexico is a fantastic destination for families looking to create unforgettable memories together. With its diverse array of attractions and experiences, not to mention gorgeous beaches and endless sunshine, Mexico has it all. We hope that our guide to the best family-friendly activities in our resort destinations has given you some ideas for your upcoming trip to Mexico. We can’t wait for you and your family to discover all the treasures that await in this beautiful country! 


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