Future Travel to Los Cabos

Future Travel to Los Cabos

Region Update – City and government officials are working together round the clock to help Los Cabos recover from Hurricane Odile as quickly as possible.  Earlier this week, Villa Group executives were part of a consortium of travel, tourism, business and civic leaders and associations that met to discuss issues such as hotel security, insurance,  relief efforts, economic concerns such as banking  and insurance, access to fuel and utilities,  public transportation, public health, etc.    The priority is returning Los Cabos to normal as quickly as possible to minimize and mitigate the effects of Hurricane Odile on this region, which is so reliant on tourism for its economic well-being.  SECTUR (Secretary of Tourism) is regularly posting official status updates on its site and our management team is keeping us apprised of all developments.   The relief and rebuild effort as whole is a coordinated and dynamic process. We are impressed and pleased with how quickly priorities have been identified and addressed.  We are confident that the Cabo San Lucas you know and love will be up and running soon.



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Commercial Travel Update –Our Cabo resorts plan to be open by October 1st and the airport has a goal of opening soon, but we realize some airlines may be suspending service until a later date.  As this is a fluid situation, the best thing you can do is contact your airline for more information, and possibly other airlines to find alternative ways to travel to Cabo San Lucas. Another option travelers can consider is flights into La Paz, Mexico and travel by car the 98 miles to Cabo San Lucas (a roughly 2 hour journey).


shutterstock_217190761Most major airline carriers have responded reasonably to the situation in Cabo San Lucas and have extended offers to their ticketed customers whose travel was or may be impacted by this event.  They have communicated via email and personal phone calls and have offered a variety of options such as no change or reissue fees, full value of ticket, and alternate airports.  However, flight schedule policies, reissue dates and specific rules vary from carrier to carrier. Our resorts will be ready and waiting for you – it’s just a matter of getting there.  Please contact all airlines directly because different providers have different solutions and schedules available to get you on your vacation.

Club Reservations UpdateWe know how much our members look forward to their vacations. Leisure time is hard earned and often planned many months or even years in advance.   We are ready to welcome you back!  We look forward to all of you returning to one of our beautiful Villa Group properties and welcome the opportunity to provide you with a wonderful and relaxing vacation.   We were happy to be able to assist those members that were affected by the hurricane to adjust their Cabo reservations, which were of course processed with no cancellation or modification fees. We appreciate so much how understanding and supportive our members have been in dealing with this situation.