How to Find Key Membership Information

As a member there is so much information available for you to get the most out of your membership. But sometimes there is so much information it is hard to know where to find it. So, we put together this guide on how to find key membership documents so that you know where to look for the information that you are seeking. 

In a nutshell, most of the information you will need comes from the below three locations.  

Location 1: Navigating Your Member Account on the Member Website to Access Key Information  

Information requested when setting up your member account,

All Club information is accessible in your Member Account on the Member Website, which you can utilize by logging in here. Note that for the purpose of this article we are referring to your Member Account on the original Member Website, not the new Reservations Website. If you need to sign-up for a Member Account, all you need to do is visit, click on “Set Up My Online Account”, and enter your information. Then, you will have access to view all important membership information.

Once you are logged into your Member Account, click on “My Club Info” in the left hand column. This will take you to a dropdown with links to all important membership information that you will need such as links to Club websites and social media, Chubb Travel Insurance, points charts, member information, and more. 

On this “Club Info” section within your Member Account, there will be three columns. The first column is titled “My UVCI – Your Club Info” and provides links to the Club website, Elite website and benefits (only if you are an elite member; this page does include the Elite Points Charts and Elite Membership Brochures), Chubb Travel Insurance (so you can see what is included in your plan), the Rental Program, and Club social media links.  

The second column on this “Club Info” page within your Member Account is titled “Your Club”; your Club name may be UVC, VPA, or UVC Resorts, depending on the membership you have. The first link in this column will take you to your Club home page with key information on your membership including the Membership 101, Rules and Regulations, Member Vacation Guide, Points Redemption Charts, Weeks Calendars, Minute’s from the Annual Meeting, and an Audit Report. Any specific information that you want for your membership will be in this section.  

The third column on this “Club Info” page within your Member Account will be titled “ResortCom-Your U.S. Based Club Servicing Company” and contains a link with more information on ResortCom. Please keep in mind that ResortCom is our servicing company for all our members so anytime you make a reservation, receive a bill, make a payment, or need customer service assistance, it is ResortCom that is servicing you.  

Location 2: Confirmation Letters 

After you book your vacation with us you will receive a Reservation Confirmation Letter via email. This will give you an overview of your reservation, including check-in and checkout dates, main name on the reservation, and links to the Club website where you can view information about the resort. A sample of the Reservation Confirmation Letter is shown below.

Please note that all our Confirmation Letters do include QR codes so you can learn more information about the topic you were emailed (such as the resort, finding your transportation in the airport, and option details). To learn more about using QR codes please visit our blog post “The Ultimate Guide: How to Use a QR Code” by clicking here. If you don’t want to use the QR codes, we have added links to the same content so you can quickly access this information. 

We advise that you utilize the links and QR codes on your Reservation Confirmation to get a general overview of the resort you will be staying at. By going to the links, you can view descriptions of the rooms and room amenities, hotel amenities, restaurants, spa, FAQs, and a photo gallery of the resort.  

If you book transportation to and from the airport with us, you will also receive a Transportation Confirmation Letter. This letter includes your shuttle transportation reservation information plus helpful tips for how to find your shuttle when at the airport. If you don’t plan on thoroughly reading and clicking on all links on your confirmation letters (which we highly recommend that you do), the Transportation Confirmation Letter is the one that you don’t want to skim. This one provides a link and QR code to a map that will help you navigate the airport as well as a photo of what your shuttle driver may look like; all helpful information to make your journey to your home away from home even easier.

 If you book the all-inclusive meal plan, spa services for your upcoming vacation, our activities/tours, you will receive an Options Confirmation Letter detailing what you purchased, for who, and any dates, if applicable. The QR codes and links of this confirmation letter will take you to more information about the all-inclusive meal plan (what it includes and excludes) along with links for spa information.

The confirmation letters were designed to give you all the information you may need for your upcoming vacation. Each confirmation letter (Reservation, Transportation, and Options) provides you with all the information needed to utilize what you booked as well as more information about this topic. Just remember to utilize the QR codes or click on the links to get the most information out of these confirmation letters.  

Location 3: UVCI Website  

Our Club website provides an overview of the resorts along with resort amenities, restaurants, room descriptions and layouts, a link to the Member Website Login page, Common FAQs, and a blog.  

Our blog is a great place to look for resort updates, membership updates, upcoming event information, and more. We also feature member travel stories on our blog so if you have an experience, you would like us to share, please email 

After reading the top three locations to look for member information please keep these in mind as you continue to embark on your member journey with us. Remember that in your Member Account page you will have access to all Club information and membership specific documents. Membership information is in your Member Account so it’s all in one spot and securely stored so that no one else can access your member information but you. The confirmation letters will provide you with information about your upcoming vacation including helpful facts for your upcoming stay and a summary of what you have reserved. And lastly, the UVCI website will give you general resort information and contact information as well as provide fun updates through our blog.  

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