How to Stay Fit (& have Fun) While on Vacation!

Vacations are supposed to be about kicking back, relaxing, enjoying some fabulous food and drinks, and not about working out. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, fitness can be a formidable task. With a little planning and dedication, you can exercise while traveling and still enjoy your trip. All of our resort destinations provide you with activities to stay fit on vacation. Read along to learn how. 

Activities to stay fit while on vacation: 

Water Sports: When it comes to water sports, the best thing about this sport lies in the diverse range of sporting options. By far the simplest way to get some exercise on vacation to stay fit is to get in the pool. No matter what Villa Group Resort you visit, there will always be a pool available to do a few laps in, play volleyball, or attend an aqua aerobics class (ask your concierge for the current activities schedule onsite). Additionally, you can always go kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and/or take a swim in the ocean. At Villa del Palmar Cancun, you can even enjoy the inflatable water park and navigate through fun obstacles as you get your fitness on. 

Kayaking at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Beach Running: Running is as much a therapeutic activity as it is a form of fitness training. Beach running is like the standard kind but harder since there is added resistance from the sand. Because sand is not a solid surface especially when dry, your muscles need to work harder to stabilize the body. To ensure your path is most clear and you don’t overheat when running, it’s advisable to go before sunrise or alternatively at the end of the day when it’s cool and quiet. There’s no better way to keep fit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings than by going for a beach run!

Jogging on the beach while catching the sunset in Puerto Vallarta.

Gymnasium: Gyms are a common amenity featured at all of our resorts in Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and the Islands of Loreto.  All members and guests have free access to the gym and all of its equipment. Standard equipment includes free weights, weight machines, and cardio equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes. 

The gym at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto.

Plan activities that require walking: If exercise is not your thing, plan one quick walk daily. Whether in the morning or after dinner, there is undoubtedly a small block of time that you can steal away. This is also a perfect way to explore the surrounding areas when traveling and taking in the special shades of the people and environment. The purpose of a vacation is to enjoy the comforts, sights, and sounds your destination has to offer. With a walk, you can enjoy all of the beautiful things that make your vacation destination special. 

Walking on the beach at Villa Group Los Cabos.

Watch what you eat: It’s ok to splurge a little here or there as you are on vacation as you don’t want to completely deprive yourself, but don’t make the trip one big bingefest. This is really easy to do, especially on an all-inclusive meal plan, so plan for healthy eating by watching portion sizes and choosing foods that are lower in fat, carbs, and salt. All of our resorts offer healthy meal options along with fresh squeezed juices every day (including the favorite green juice), so make sure you take advantage off these delectable options to get all of your nutrients.

The Seafood Market Restaurant, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta.

Some other fun activities to stay fit while on vacation 

Sunbathing: Lying on the beach in a bathing suit or shorts and a t-shirt is one of the most basic and popular types of relaxation for a beach resort vacation. A soft towel or comfortable chair is all that is needed to enjoy the sunshine amongst soft sounds of the waves crashing on the beach. Sunbathers should wear sunscreen to keep themselves protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you forget your sunscreen at home, all of our Palmita Markets do keep essentail items such as this in stock. Sunbathing is a great way to relax, which makes your body feel well-rested, and in turn contributes to your overall fitness levels.

Relaxing in the pool at Villa del Palmar Flamingos.

Sand Sculpting: Building a sand sculptures does not require any extraordinary tools and is a fun way to enjoy your beautiful beachfront vacation. While a bucket and a shovel are helpful for creating molded sculptures and basic structures, using arms and hands to sculpt damp sand is usually sufficient. Sandcastle plastic molds are available in local stores for those seeking a fancier sandcastle building experience. 

Sand castle building at Villa del Palmar Flamingos.

Picnicking: Pack a lunch in a picnic basket (or even a backpack or beach tote) to enjoy on the beach or on your day out exploring the city or nearby beautiful beaches, gardens, hiking trails, etc. Being out and about is a great way to stay fit since you are moving around, but it is also a fun vacation past-time since you are exploring the local community. Movement plus exploration is the key for staying fit, both mentally and physically. 

Examples of favorite picnic foods that you can enjoy on your next vacation!

Volleyball: Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Villa Group Resorts Los Cabos, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, and Villa del Palmar Cancun all offer the option to play volleyball in the pool and on the beach. It is very common to see games being played throughout the daytime while members and guests have fun in the sun.

Volleyball at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Additionally, all our resorts offer a variety of activities including but not limited to aqua aerobics, dance classes, stretching, and yoga or meditation (depending on where you are vacationing at; see your concierge for a list of current activities and an activities schedule). Participating in activities is a great way to energize your day. With some planning and determination, you can have a relaxing, healthy vacation experience.  


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