Hydrotherapy Etiquette – Village Spa


SPA HYDROTHERAPY ETIQUETTE – Hydrotherapy blends three of nature’s most powerful relieving agents: heat, water and air while it invigorates and gently massages the body and eases away aches and pains. It’s a natural therapy that produces great benefits. At the Village Spa, Hydrotherapy areas are co-ed so bathing suits are mandatory in these areas. This is a great way to enjoy time with your loved one rather than being separated before your treatments.


  1. WARM SHOWER: The hydrotherapy experience begins with a deep cleansing revitalizing shower. To allow rapid detoxification, it is necessary that pores are clean; this is best achieved through a shower.
  2. STEAM: Next you will be lead to our steam room, where you will stay for 10-15 minutes, never exceeding the time frame allowed.
  3. COLD WATER TUB: Submerge yourself in the cold-water tub for maximum benefits and closing of the pores. Make sure you step out of the cold water immediately. Cold water brings an immediate rush of blood through your system, as well as an exhilarating rush of natural energy.
  4. HOT JACUZZI:  Immerse yourself in the hot Jacuzzi tub to raise body temperature, which causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased circulation. Stay between 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. HYDRATE: Make sure you stay hydrated after each session to replace lost liquids in your body. Drink plenty of water or chlorophyll.
  6. LAGOON POOL: Bathe yourself in the room temperature lagoon pool, closing and cleaning the pores one more time.
  7. BEACH BEDS: Take time to relax a couple of minutes in our beach beds as our butlers cater to you. Relax the mind and body before you indulge in our special treatments, tailored specifically for the well being of the soul.