Member Advisory Committee Update

The Member Advisory Committee is charged with providing feedback to the Board and Management, and they have identified two ongoing challenges that detract from the comfort of all members’ vacation experiences. We ask please that all members keep these policies in mind when you are vacationing at any of our beautiful resorts.

arcoLOUNGE CHAIRS: Lounge chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis ONLY.  There is no saving chairs for later.   We have found this is the most fair policy, as every member and guest has worked hard to earn this precious vacation time, and everyone deserves an equal chance to enjoy a relaxing day at the pool.  Chairs are monitored, and unattended items left on the chairs will be removed by the staff. We appreciate your cooperation, your courtesy and your patience with the pool concierge and security staff as it is their responsibility to enforce this policy.

NO-SMOKING. The resort units, pool area, restaurants, and lobby are non- smoking areas. There are designated smoking areas on each property.  Smoking on balconies is permitted if it does not bother your neighbors; if complaints are received you will be asked to refrain from smoking on the balcony and you will need to use the designated smoking area. Smoking in rooms will result in a fine of US $150 to cover cleaning and sanitizing costs.