Meet the Newest UVC Board Member-Dolores Underwood

Dolores Underwood has spent many years in leadership roles in different business environments, including banking, accounting, school districts, sales, marketing and operations, with extensive experience managing operating budgets, personnel, contract negotiations, and daily office operations. She has served for many years on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Eagle’s Wings Foundation (EWF), driven by her passion for the critical contributions this foundation brings to the deserving families in Mexico. She chairs the EWF fundraiser at the Annual Member Social and manages a subcommittee that raised $60,000 last year.   Dolores and her husband Jack first purchased with Villa Group in 1993 and have both been active members of the UVCI Members Advisory Committee.  Dolores was the member who initiated the “Membership 101 Class,” now being successfully conducted at each resort.

“I am honored to act as ambassador on behalf of fellow members and will work diligently with the Club and management to balance the dual goals of keeping our maintenance fees reasonable while keeping our resorts updated, refurbished and in excellent condition.  I will help the members better understand their benefits and how to use them, thereby promoting excellent customer satisfaction, encouraging member usage, and making our resorts the best in the industry with leading referral ratings.” Dolores Underwood.

Please join us in congratulating Dolores in her new role!

Nicholas Larez,

Director of Member Experience


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