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Get the most out of your Club membership by participating in an exchange program with Interval International (II) or Resort Condominiums International (RCI), the two main vacation ownership exchange companies. These programs are designed to give Vacation Club members more flexibility and choice to enhance the value of your membership. This article explains the differences between RCI and Interval International and the benefits that each offers so you can enjoy world-class vacations year after year in the destination of your choice.  

Interval International (II)

With an Interval membership, the many ways to exchange offer the flexibility to trade your week or points for a resort vacation or towards a cruise or a hotel stay. Whatever your budget, with vacation ownership you can afford spectacular, unforgettable vacations in style, every year. Club members who combine their membership with an Interval International subscription can swap their points for time in other resorts and locations worldwide. Contact Member Services and notify them of your desire to exchange your week and they will help you through the process.  

During your first year as a Club member, you will receive a free trial with Interval International. After the introductory period is up, if you wish to continue enjoying the benefits, there is a yearly subscription fee of $209 USD. When you join Interval International’s membership program, you can swap your Vacation Club membership points to travel somewhere new and choose from 2,800+ resorts in 80 countries around the globe. Other members-only benefits include discounted rates on cruises, car rentals, golf, dining, and more. Visit for a complete list of affiliated hotels and resorts. 

With Interval International, there are two ways that you can take advantage of exchanging.  

  1. Deposit First: Use Deposit First when you are sure you want a different vacation experience. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of up to a four-year travel window — allowing you to exchange  anytime from two years before to two years after the first day of your home resort week.
  2. Request First: If you want the security of retaining your home resort week until you receive an exchange confirmation, use Request First. Place a request and travel from two years before the week you offer in exchange up until the dates of that week. If you are a points-based member, use Request First.

Please remember when using Interval International for exchanges that the following apply: 

  • You can only deposit Owner Time & Preferred Time.  No Club Time; no points upgrade.  
  • The deposit process takes 3-5 business days to process, and it is a final transaction. Additional fees may apply with Interval International.   
  • When exchanging with Interval International, your “points” are converted into “weeks” for depositing purposes.  

One of the most common and favorite ways to utilize Interval International by our members is by using “Getaways”. Please note that Getaways are not an exchange. Getaways are a deal for you. As a member utilizing Getaways, you will always get the best rates and discounts available. They are resorts stays in destinations around the world for seven nights or less. Please click here for more information on Getaways.  

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) 

Resorts Condominiums International offers a vacation ownership exchange program for Club members who enroll and gives them access to approximately 3,500 resorts in 100 different countries. For Club members interested in RCI’s exchange program, contact Member Services and let them know you want to enroll in RCI. They will contact RCI to set up your account. There is a fee to enroll in the RCI Exchange Program, but once enrolled you will gain member-only access to RCI affiliated hotels and resorts around the world. RCI’s program also gives you preferential rates on car rentals, guided tours, and local activities.  

Vacation Club members can use the RCI Points Exchange for stays from 1 to 21 nights. The RCI exchange program takes into consideration factors such as resort, unit size, number of rooms, location, and time of year, and will help you calculate the value of your points that you can use towards an exchange. Remember to try and book as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the resort in the destination you want. RCI allows bookings up to 2 years in advance. To benefit from more exclusive membership perks, ask about the RCI Platinum tier. 

Deposit Trading Power is a key factor in determining what exchange vacation options are available to you with RCI, and it’s important you maximize the possibilities. Once your vacation time is deposited, it is assigned a Deposit Trading Power. As long as you deposit at least 9 months before the start date of your ownership week, you’ll receive 100% of your Deposit Trading Power. 

With RCI, you have the option to deposit using the below methods: 

  • Standard Deposit: Full deposit value: 24 months to 9 months in advance of check-in. 
  • Late Deposit: Partial Value: 9 months – 95 days in advance of check-in. 
  • Exchange Request: 24 months – 48 hours in advance of travel. 
  • Exchange Travel: 12 months before – 24 months after deposit date. 
  • Vacation Escapes Weekend or Weekday getaways that are offered: 

2 to 90 days in advance for US and Canadian destinations. 180 days in advance of international destinations without having to relinquish the member’s week. 

Rates vary based on the unit size, location and demand (generally starts at $49.00 / night) 

For more information on RCI’s affiliated resorts and destinations, visit 

For Vacation Club members curious to travel the world, we invite you to utilize the benefits of the exchange programs offered by Resorts Condominiums International or Interval International and add even more value to your membership. These exciting vacation exchange opportunities give you the flexibility to visit a new place year. So, where will you go next? Please contact your Member Services to gain more information on the deposit process and start your deposit! 



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