Members Beware- Fastest Exit, LLC. Newest Scam

Being part of a Vacation Ownership certainly has its privileges. For over 35 years, our members have come to enjoy the luxuries each resort offers in creating extraordinary vacation memories. Being part of an elite group of members who own a Club Membership, sadly opens doors for members to be subjected to scam companies who portray themselves as “heroes” saving members and getting them out of their ownership.

Recently, it was brought to our attention that a company by the name of Fastest Exit, LLC. is reaching out to our members with the hopes our members send them money upfront to help them get out of their contract. Members should beware of this company along with the various other scam companies that prey upon our members.

Scammers are experts in working to obtain information about members. They are active in social media; making phone calls acting to obtain information and go through various other methods to get data. Many times, they obtain the information right from you as they call and ask questions.

In our previous updates, we have and continue to advise our members that anytime someone is offering to purchase your vacation ownership for more than you paid for it, offer to get your out of your contract, and any other promises due to ownership issues, sale of the company, etc. they’re all scams. Help us help you not fall victim to scams. See more helpful tips below.

How does this scam go?
  • The company will mail you a letter via postal mail and or e-mail. We have provided a sample letter below.
  • They advise that they can get you out of your membership.
  • They advise they are contract review specialist or loan officers.
  • They advise they are working with attorneys to help you. Oftentimes they have stolen real lawyers’ information and create similar websites that seem legitimate.
  • They advise you they can buy your ownership for a large sum. Oftentimes 10 or 20 times more than you paid for it.
  • They advise that you need to pay a tax and or pay a fee with them of several thousand dollars upfront before they can help you.
  • They will ask to charge your credit card for services to get you out of your ownership.
  • When they provide you wire information to send money it will be a bank outside of the United States.
Helpful Link
Sample Letter from Fastest Exit


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