Navigating the Airport

Relaxation doesn’t have to wait until you arrive at the resort. You can begin relaxing from the moment you arrive at the airport with simple preparation. Breeze through the airport in Mexico and get your vacation off to a good start with the below tips.


  1. Schedule airport transportation in advance.

If you are a regular traveler, then you know the importance of scheduling your airport transfers. You really don’t want the hassle of negotiating taxi fares when you arrive with all your luggage and family in town, especially as you can arrange your transportation easily with Member Services when you make your reservation.

  1. Dress in layers.

If you are leaving freezing cold temperatures and are dressed for winter when you get on the plane, make sure you wear layers that you can discard layer by layer when you arrive to Mexico. You will walk over the tarmac to get from the plane to the air conditioned terminal building, which can be very hot.

  1. Be prepared for vacation ownership promoters.

After you have passed immigration and collected your baggage upon arrival to the airport, you are likely to be approached by vacation club promoters while inside the terminal building. Once you exit the terminal building, beware that anyone approaching you outside of the airport building for vacation ownership presentations are not authorized and likely to be a scam.

  1. Baggage identification.

Before you fly you should make sure your baggage is easy to identify. You can do this by adding a ribbon or a sticker. This will make it more recognizable for you to see on the carousel and make it less likely that someone takes your suitcase by mistake.  


  1. Leave plenty of time for your departure.

Arrive early for your departure. You would be surprised how long the lines can be. The official recommendation for international flights is to arrive 3 hours beforehand, and we strongly recommend that you heed that advice. Arrive early and you won’t miss your flight.

  1. Print your boarding pass.

You can print your boarding pass in reception at the resort to avoid unnecessary delays at the airport. Most airlines expect you to use the automated terminals at the airport to print your boarding pass, which means you might have to wait in line twice.       7. Don’t leave your souvenir shopping until the airport.

Unfortunately, the airport is not great for last minute souvenir shopping. There are only a few shops available and your options will be more limited and more expensive compared to what you will find in town.

  1. Wi-Fi is not always available.

You will be charged for using the Wi-Fi at the airport, if available, which is available throughout the building. The Loreto airport does not have Wi-Fi. Plan to bring a book, magazine or a deck of cards so you are sure to have some free entertainment while you wait.

  1. Eat before you arrive

Avoid arriving to the airport hungry. Just like the shopping options, there are very few restaurant options at the airport.

We hope this guidance comes in handy for your next vacation to paradise. Please call Member Services at 800-852-4755 if you have any questions or to make your next reservation.

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