New Hotel Procedures

Zero cases of Covid-19 have been reported within our organization and the Mexican Federal Government has approved our reopening dates. With that being said, our focus during your time away and upon your arrival remains on the health and safety of the entire community —including the well-being of staff members who are servicing and caring for you, your loved ones, and our facilities.

Over the last 3 months, we have spent our time evaluating and implementing new and enhanced safety measures to help us all stay well. Read below to learn how our operations have improved to greater secure everyone’s safety as we prepare for your return.

We have created an integrated Health and Hygiene Program based on the suggestions and instructions of the government and health organizations, which you can view here.

Upon reopening, our resorts, restaurants, on-site experiences, spa’s, gyms, pool, lounging areas, and other offerings may be modified and will be limited in capacity and subject to limited availability or closure, based on direction from health experts and government officials to promote physical distancing and ensure the safety of our guests and staff members.

New Standards of Cleanliness

Upon arrival:

  • External suitcase sanitization.
  • Security seals to validate that no one entered the room after it was cleaned and disinfected.

Temperature Readings

Thermometers will be used at all access points throughout the resort to read and monitor the temperatures of guests and staff in a non-invasive manner. For more information click here.

Surfaces in all Public Areas

Throughout our resorts, we have implemented new protocols regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of high-touch areas that go above and beyond suggestions provided by health organizations and government agencies. Surfaces and high traffic areas of the resort will continuously be treated with hospital-grade disinfectants and certified sanitation products. Sanitizing stations have also been placed at strategic points throughout our resorts, such as at the front desk, at the entrances of our restaurants, and in all public areas. In addition, we have increased the frequency in which deep cleaning according to these protocols will take place so as to better protect our guests, our staff, and our communities.

Hotel-Level Sanitization Specialists

Resorts have been trained and equipped with a special team, led by a Hygiene Manager, that will take charge of ensuring that everyone adheres to our new health and sanitation protocols.

Hotel Rooms

We are taking care to ensure that every room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using hospital-grade disinfectants between each guest’s stay. Paper amenities, pens, and magazines will be removed from rooms (available on request).

Food and Beverage

In addition to protecting your health as you enjoy our on-site experiences, food and beverage safety has always been our priority at the Villa Group. See below to learn a few of the increased measures we have put in place to ensure your safety at our resorts.

At our resorts, all employees who work in our food and beverage operations are highly trained regarding the proper handling and service of these items. The Villa Group Resorts work with an independent consultant and industry leader Preverisk to create and implement the most cutting-edge health and safety management programs, and consistently exceed the threshold ratings designated by the Ministry of Health through the Mexico Federal Commission. All food and beverage is obtained from only the top providers, whom also hold high ratings in their practices and policies as it relates to their sourcing and distribution practices.

While we have always taken great care to ensure the highest standards of food safety are being met, staff will continue to seek training and complete inspections to keep all our guests and staff safe. In addition, we are currently making modifications to our in-room dining and our buffet-style services. See below for more details.

  • In adherence to social distancing guidelines, guests and team members will be advised to maintain physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  • Restaurants tables and other physical layouts will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing.
  • Seating capacities in all outlets will be reduced to allow proper distance between each seated group and party of guests, this protocol will also be in place during the Theme Nights at each resort.

  • All silverware and plates will be washed at a temperature of 80 ° Celsius. Each of the items will be disinfected, cleaned, and securely packaged by one representative. Likewise, all dressings and condiments will be delivered and handled by one person that is dressed in safety gear.

  • The tables and chairs will be routinely disinfected before and/or after new guests are seated.
  • Our placemats will also be disposable.

Social Distancing

Signage has been installed throughout our resorts to remind guests and staff to keep their distance from others. We have also taken the opportunity to rearrange furniture in common areas and restaurants to allow for more space between guests.

We are including measures to ensure your safety, such as placing lounge chairs 6 feet apart in our pool areas and using stricter sanitation measures in our fitness centers. We are also limiting use of the fitness center to only those with a reservation and enforcing a maximum capacity to protect everyone.

The following rules and restrictions are designed to safeguard all guests and associates. Members and guests not adhering to them will be asked to leave the resort.

  • Please wash your hands every two hours and use antibacterial gel at all times.
  • Respect the distance established between lounge chairs and seating in dining areas.
  • Gym access by appointment only; only two (2) people admitted at a time.
  • Management MUST be informed of any employee or guest who is ill.
  • Any person exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness or colds MUST see the hotel doctor.

Please keep in mind, social distancing suggestions and safety protocols have been put in place at each of our Villa Group properties. We can only be successful in protecting your health and the health of others if we have your help, commitment, and participation in following our safety and social distancing suggestions.

Our resorts obtained advice from infectious disease specialists and certification from companies like PREVERISK as part of our preparations for your return. We have implemented preventative protocols against COVID-19 and are committed to upholding the highest standards regarding disinfection, hygiene, sanitation, and more. Social distancing modifications are subject to change based on management at the resorts, updates from trusted government agencies, and in conjunction with the amount of visitors on-site or in a specific area.


  • Please clarify policy re: fitness centers. Does 2 people admitted at a time mean that only 2 people can occupy the complete fitness center – or that entrance rate is limited to 2 people? Thanks

    • Hi Victor,

      Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your inquiry. There will be limitations applied to gym access, for the time being, access will be granted to members 2 people at a time. Additionally, an appointment must be made for the use of the Gym, which will be limited to specific periods of time and available spaces in order to abide by the established physical distance requirements. We will ensure that workout equipment is sanitized frequently. Social distancing modifications are subject to change based on management at the resorts, updates from trusted government agencies, and in conjunction with the amount of visitors on-site or in a specific area.

      Best regards,
      Member Marketing

    • Hi Leslie,

      Thank you for reading our blog and leaving your comment. Yes, our employees will be wearing masks/face shields. Members are invited to wear a mask; however, they are not required to.

      Best regards,
      Member Marketing

  • My family and I can’t wait to come back! We know we are safe at Villa del Palmar Flamingoes!
    See you soon!
    Brenda Vennard

  • Have anxiously awaiting the news of reopening. My guests and I are excited about our October vacation at Velle del Palmar Cabo. See your in October!

  • We are anxiously waiting to come back to Danzante bay Villa del Palmar. We are scheduled for early October. We had to cancel our March visit, and really love going there. The staff there is so friendly and welcoming.

  • Anxiously awaiting our December trip to Flamingos to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary. Hopeful the travel restrictions will be lifted by then. We always feel welcome, safe and most happy at Flamingos, more so than in Cabo and Cancun. While the last two resorts are very nice and up to the Villa Group standards, our home and hearts are at Flamingos.

  • Excited for our stay June 27, 2020 at Villa Estancia. Will the pool and swim up bar be open to guest. Thank you

    • Hi Estella,

      Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your inquiry. Yes, we do anticipate the pool and swim up bar will be open. However please keep in mind that access may be limited or restricted in order to keep guests safe. Social distancing modifications are subject to change based on management at the resorts, updates from trusted government agencies, and in conjunction with the amount of visitors on-site or in a specific areas.

      Kind regards,
      Member Marketing

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for reading our blog and leaving your comment, yes the pools are open!

      Kind regards,
      Member Marketing


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