New Member Referral Website

We are pleased to announce that the Referral Program now has a new website that allows members to track their own referral credits. The new website allows members to see, use, and redeem their credits online in a way that is easier than it has ever been before! All members need to do is create an account and log-in to easily manage their own referral credits.  

How do I use my new Referral website?  

Go to and click “Sign-Up” in the top right corner. Then, create your profile with your name, phone number, and email. If you do not have your member account information, please contact us at so we can assist you. 

With the enhanced referral website, members can now do the following:  

  • Invite your friends with your “Friends and Family” discount! Directly on your Dashboard, you will find the option of “Refer Friends and Family” and the different options we have, from inputting your friend’s information from sharing your link on your social media! 
  • “Follow my Referrals” allows our members to check their friend’s travels status. 
  • “Redeem Credits” – The favorite option of all of our members! Directly through the “Redeem Credits” option, our members are able to pay the desired amount of credits they want to their account. The new website allows you to choose from more than one account. 

What do my friends receive?  

Your friends will receive a Best-Price Guaranteed for our Villa del Palmar Resorts if they accept a 90-minute Villa Group Membership Presentation and have an exclusive meeting with one of our Referral Specialists.  

What do I get for my friends traveling?  

All VPA members get $50 USD for their friends attending the Villa Group Membership Presentation. For every friend that becomes a new member, you will get a total of $300 USD in rewards. 

If you invite 10 friends and 5 travel during the year, that’s a total of $250 USD just for having them visit a resort. And if only 2 of your friends become members, you will receive an additional $600 USD!  

What would you pay today if you had $850 USD in your account?  

Elite members get even more credits! Visit for more information.  

Why should I invite my friends to Villa Group?  

As you know, many people were not able to travel last year. We are certain that more than one of your friends is looking at the awesome time you have in Mexico and would not mind a discount on their next vacation.  

Your friends will receive special treatment during check-in, additional benefits for traveling as an Owner Referral, discounts at travel agency, best prices available at your home resorts, and more. 

Where can I use my credits?  

In Villa Group Resorts we are committed to making sure your exclusive benefits as a member are valuable for you and your family and we’re always finding new ways for you to use your credits! Here are some options of what you can use your credits for: 

  • Maintenance Fees 
  • All-Inclusive Meal Plans 
  • Spa Services 
  • Tours and Activities 
  • Check-Out Bill 
  • And so much more!  

Don’t miss out on the opportunity that many members are using every day to save money and become the favorite friend anyone can have! For more information, please contact us 1-866-946- 8873 or 


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