New Yoga Teacher Oscar Resendiz at Villa del Palmar Cancun

We are very excited to introduce our new yoga teacher, Oscar Resendiz. Oscar started on his path to becoming a yoga teacher in 2012, and now he has found his home teaching at Villa del Palmar in Cancun. Read along to learn more about Oscar’s journey and the classes that he teaches.

Oscar Resendiz – Biography

The path of yoga in my life has been a timely healer and liberator that has given me purpose and direction.

Since I remember, I always felt drawn to all the spiritual, introspection and the search for an inner wealth, which led me on the path of yoga as a means to find that wealth that reveals your purpose and opens the paths to achieve it.

My search began on the Jalisco coast, in a heavenly town in Mexico that invites meditation, where you can find the calm of body and mind. This journey began in 2012 with my first practices, surrounded by friends who wanted to share this message with which my discipline was enriched, until 2014 when I decided to formalize this practice taking it to the professional level when I got certified in “Purno Ham Shala” aimed at spiritual teaching and yoga practice.

My passion for this practice led me to train instructors and it is at this stage where I perfected my meditation, my personal practice and my teaching technique. Shortly after these certifications I continued to enrich my practice at the Buddhist Center in Mexico City, as well as Flow Yoga with renowned teachers.

The next stage was to convene the formation of a teaching group where the main focus was the perfection of asanas, meditation, and restoration, so I embarked on a new adventure when joining the Yogi community of Monterrey where I had the opportunity to take this practice to the national and international level, bringing my practice to more communities.

At the end of 2015 I took my career to Cancun where surprisingly I found a huge community of yogis with whom I began sharing my practice in the most important centers of the city. With the versatility of the community I have started a new stage and evolved to where I have adapted my practice, welcoming other disciplines of physical conditioning such as cardio, strength and pilates.

Today I approach my practice and my experience to share with the community of Villa del Palmar Cancun that has a space in itself full of peace and harmony with its beautiful “shala” on the sea.

We offer Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Flow every Tuesday through Saturday at 9:00 am. All levels of students are welcome. Instructor is ready to work with all different levels according the students’ needs. Private sessions are also available upon request with an additional charge.

Wear comfortable clothes or sport clothes during the practice to allow your body to move and stretch freely. Instructor will guide students through the class and help you to reach the best result according to your body and your experience.

Yoga mats are provided for the classes. If you have your own yoga props, feel free to bring them.

We look forward to welcoming you to a yoga class at Villa del Palmar Cancun during your next vacation.


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