On Call Travel Protection

Accidents happen, traveling can be fun and exciting, but when you are far away from home, handling an emergency can be overwhelming. If you ever experience a medical or travel emergency during your vacation, you are protected. “On Call Travel Protection” also known as “On Call International” is a 24/7 protection plan that covers a variety of services provided to an individual in need of emergency assistance. This protection allows members to have emergency air evacuation (as medically required), medical and travel assistance, and peace of mind while vacationing.

Read along to learn more about this protection plan and to understand why this is a must have service for you and your loved ones. Below are some of the most common questions members ask before purchasing their On Call Travel Protection Plan.

Q: Should we contact On Call first or our regular health insurance provider? Does it matter who contacts On Call?  

A: Whenever you find yourself in a medical emergency always contact 911 first. Once safe, stable, and out of harm’s way, please notify On Call as soon as possible. We will open a case if one has not already been opened. Any party can call and open a case on a member’s behalf, including resort staff.

Q: What are the benefits of having OnCall Travel Protection vs. “regular” travel insurance?

A: With the On Call Travel Protection membership you are covered for certain services anytime you are traveling 100 miles or more away from home. This service applies year-round, no matter how many trips you take. Most travel insurances are purchased on a per trip basis and cover a single designated trip at a time and can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars per person per trip. The On Call Travel Protection Plans are a membership program offered exclusively to those members via Resortcom International.

For members who have the Gold Plan, your benefits are only available when you are traveling to, from, or while at your resort. For members who purchase the $15 upgrade from the Gold Plan, you will have benefits anytime you are traveling 100 miles or more away from home (including medical repatriation and evacuation services). Including specific resort-based trip benefits for when you are traveling to, from or while at your resort.

Q: How does reimbursement for medical or travel benefits work?

A: Certain travel benefits are exclusive to when you are traveling to, from, or while staying at your resort. These exclusive claims can be directly submitted to On Call International for review and consideration. Proof or documentation of the recorded loss must accompany the claims request.

For the medical expense benefits under the traveling to, from or while at your resort, the guest must first submit their medical bill into their primary insurance first and obtain an EOB (explanation of benefits form). The guest can then submit the remaining expenses along with the EOB from their primary insurances into On Call for review and possible claims consideration. Reimbursement may be declined for medical evacuation and repatriation situations where we are not notified or did not assist.

Q: If I purchase the On Call Travel Protection Plan who in my party is covered under that plan?

A: The On Call Travel Protection membership applies to anyone listed on the Resortcom contract for benefits. Example, if a husband and wife are both listed on the contract, the wife will be covered by the benefit no matter if she is traveling with the husband or not.

Should the husband and wife have a child that was not listed on the resort contract, the child would not be eligible for services if traveling alone without the parents unless he was traveling to their designated resort and had a verified guest certificate.

Anyone traveling with the members (up to 6 traveling companions total) are covered for benefits.

Guests are covered for benefits when they have a verified guest certificate (and then therefore do not need to be with those listed on the contract if traveling to their designated resort).

Q: How will I know which city or hospital I will be transferred to? What medical services will be covered?

A: Anyone experiencing a medical emergency should immediately contact the local 911 services to be transported safely from the scene of an incident to a local medical facility. On Call will always take into consideration patient and family requests; however, the health and safety of patients comes first.

Once recovered the patient will be transported by means of ground or air ambulance to the closest appropriate medical facility to treat their specific needs. Once at the medical facility, if it is determined that the facility is not medically equipped to treat your specific medical needs, the On Call travel protection plan will consult with the local treating doctors, and will move the patient by means of ground or air ambulance to the closest appropriate medical facility to treat their specific needs.

Upon arriving at the designated appropriate facility and stable to do so, On Call International will work to coordinate the appropriate means for the patient to return all the way home within the eligible benefits and terms and conditions of the membership.


On Call Travel Protection has “got you covered, and they won’t leave your side until you are home!” Below are a few real examples of “On Call in action” working quickly to assist travelers during their emergency situations.

On Call in Action: Traveler Gets Injured on Beach Vacation

“After months of hectic business travel, Monica decided to take a much-needed vacation to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, with her husband Victor. Unfortunately, their morning swim at Dunn’s River Stingray Beach went terribly wrong when Monica felt an excruciatingly sharp pain in her ankle. She had been stung by a stingray. Victor managed to get the attention of a lifeguard, who arranged for a ground ambulance to transport his wife to a small clinic near the beach. Monica was unable to walk and was in severe pain. The couple decided to contact their travel assistance provider On Call International for help….”

Home Safe and Sound

Monica, her nurse, and Victor traveled safely back to the United States, while On Call’s Assistance Coordinators monitored their progress until Monica reached home. After a round of antibiotics and rehabilitation for her ankle, Monica began feeling much better. Her and Victor were grateful they could rely On Call International for a safe return home.” Click here  for the full article and additional details on this travelers experience using On Call International.

 Skiing Accident in Utah

“Samantha and Taylor were spending a few days skiing in Utah. Taylor was heading down a slope when he lost control and crashed into a tree. He could tell right away that he was seriously injured. Samantha called local emergency services, and they took Taylor to the closest hospital. On the way, Samantha remembered they purchased On Call International’s Travel Protection through a membership program with their social club…. Samantha gave us a call immediately and we got to work. Our medical team consulted with Taylor’s treating doctor and learned that Taylor had broken both of his shoulders…. Taylor underwent surgery and spent several days in the hospital recuperating. We called daily to check in on him and were thrilled to hear that he was doing well after his surgery. We also helped Samantha arrange her daily transportation to and from the hospital so she could be by her husband’s bedside as much as possible….

A Safe Return Home

With On Call’s Rescue Nurse by his side, Taylor arrived safely at the rehabilitation facility near his home in North Carolina. Taylor and Samantha were thankful for all of our help and support during this unexpected and stressful ordeal.” Click here for the full article and additional details on this travelers experience using On Call International.

On Call in Action: Zip Lining Accident

“Susan and her husband Theodore were celebrating their anniversary week in Costa Rica. They were excited to try zip lining for the first time in the rainforest. Just a few feet from the end of the course, Susan realized she wasn’t slowing down. The brakes failed before the attendant could stop her from crashing into a tree. As they rode to the hospital, Theodore began to question the quality of medical care in such a remote area. Feeling uneasy, he reached out to their travel risk management provider, On Call International, for help….

On Call to the Rescue

Once they arrived at the local clinic, On Call explained our hospital vetting process to Theodore and how we already began researching the facility’s capabilities to treat Susan’s condition…. We coordinated Susan’s transfer, keeping in close contact with her and Theodore throughout the course of her journey. We monitored her care and after a couple of days, Susan was cleared to travel home to recover.” Click here for the full article and additional details on this travelers experience using On Call Travel Protection.

On Call Travel Protection offers a variety of protection plans to fit every member’s financial, medical, and travel needs. Click here for a summary of benefits that are available and to view details regarding your membership type.

Names in the stories have been changed to protect traveler privacy. Some text has been edited for grammar and punctuation purposes. All expenses after the initial consultation are the responsibility of the traveler.

All services must be arranged and provided by On Call International. Please read your description of coverage carefully to better understand all services available to you for your specific program, as well as any rules, regulations and exclusions. For more information on these services, and to protect yourself when you travel, please visit resortcom.cc.oncallinternational.com or call the Annual Travel Protection Hotline at 1-866-816-2087 and a knowledgeable insurance agent will assist you.


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