On-site Elite benefits – Do guests in my room get to use all my Elite benefits?

There are many scenarios related to Elite member reservations. Some Elites travel alone or use just one room. Others book several rooms simultaneously. Still others allow guests to use their points even when the member is not traveling with them.  Please note that for this article, all guests of Elite members will be referred to as “Elite guests.”  

As the Elite program has grown, ResortCom and the Resort Management teams are committed to standardizing and streamlining the fulfillment of the Elite benefits as consistently as possible in all regions. That means some current procedures at some properties will change, and the way things have worked in the past at certain locations may be different next time you visit. The most important item to understand is that some of your benefits may be shared with your guests if they are traveling with you, but most are not transferable. We will be detailing Elite Benefits on property. Please read the details below.

  1. Elite Greeting, cold towel, and beverage – If hotel guests arrive with you, they will enjoy this Elite Greeting. They may or may not be asked to check in with you at the Elite counter, or separately. They will receive Guest bracelets only if they are in the same room. The Elite Concierge will be available for assistance during their stay.
  2. Elite Areas – This is one of the most misunderstood benefits! Only some resorts have designated VIP pools, but most have Elite beach areas sectioned off. Hotel guests that are staying the same room as the Elite member are allowed in these areas without Elite members present, as long as they have their Elite Guest bracelet. They will be able to also use special Elite towels. Please note however, that if you have guests in multiple rooms, this does not apply to them. Please also note that there are some hotel guests that have paid for penthouses and larger units that have access to the VIPs pools. It is an exclusive benefit for both Elite members and select categories of hotel guests.New Elite Members seating area at Villa del Arco
  3. Can Elite members use whatever pools they want? As several of the Club hotels are very close in proximity, some members believe they can use any of the pools because of their Elite status. However, this is not the case. Elite members need to adhere to the pool policy at the resort in which they are staying.
  4. Cabanas – Only some resorts have cabanas for 5 star and Residence Club members only. A 24- hour advance reservation is required once you arrive to the Resort through your Butler/Pool Concierge or Elite Concierge. *This benefit does not apply to hotel guests traveling separately from the Elite member.
  5. Wi-Fi/Turndown Treat/Room and/or Elite Suite Amenities (all)/Coffee Delivery (Residence Club only) – Your guests receive free Wi-Fi if they are in the same room with you. They will also have the benefit of the special amenities (robes/upgraded bath products/coffee etc.) If your guests are in a separate room, this benefit does not apply. If your guests travel without you, this benefit does not apply.
  6. Massage Benefits –Massage benefits cannot be traded for resort credit, no exceptions. However, if your guests are traveling with you on the same trip, you may transfer this benefit to them if you cannot use it yourself. You may also elect to choose a different salon treatment and pay for the differential.
  7. Wine Delivery (All)/ Flowers/Fresh Fruit (5* & Residence Club only) -These are one-time non-transferable Welcome amenities for the Elite member, regardless of length of stay. You can request soft drinks or a substitution if you do not drink alcohol.
  8. 15% Discount – These discounts apply to food & beverage outlets, Palmita market, spa services and some travel agency excursions. They do not apply to meal plans or other prearrival options. These discounts apply to charges billed to the Elite member room only. For activities and tour discounts member must be present to get special deals and discounts.
  9. Priority Restaurant Reservations/Special Seating – We encourage you to pre-book once you arrive to the resort, especially if you have a large group. Please note, family-style dining might be suggested in this case. When space permits and occupancy allow, restaurants will do their best to allocate a designated Elite area and/or reserved Elite tables. All guests traveling with the Elite member are entitled to this priority. Tables are released if Elite member does not claim their reservation within 10 minutes.
  10. Spa Wet Areas – This benefit allows up to 4 members listed on the contract free access to the spa wet areas with their Elite bracelet or Elite discount card. Hotel guests are not free in the wet areas of the spas. Each resort sets a discounted rate for guests and the member/guest bracelet rule will be enforced.
  11. Cooking Demo (formerly “Dine with the Chef”) – This 5 star and Residence Club benefit is offered once per week and includes 2 people. You may add hotel guests for $40 per person (subject to change) if they are traveling with you.
  12. Member Party/Elite Party with Senior Management – When possible, special Elite areas will be designated with signage during the weekly Member Party. When Elite occupancy is sufficient, a private cocktail party for 5 star and Residence Club members will be offered separately from the regular Member Meeting, and/or a small dinner will be arranged. Elite members may invite hotel guests staying in the same suite, maximum of 8 guests.
  13. Butler/Private Concierge Services – This residence club benefit is available to facilitate the Elite members and their guests’ needs including spa and restaurant reservations, airport transfer scheduling, daily assistance etc.
  14. Chef Service – This residence club benefit is available to 5,700-point suite reservations and offers up to 2 private evening meals during a 7-night stay in your suite (or on the beach based on availability). Chef fees for members and guests in the room are included, but food and beverage costs are separate. Some resorts offer a modified Chef Service benefit due to unit size limitations.
  15. How do the Elite bracelets at the resorts work? We will be standardizing the Elite Bracelet policy at all properties. Going forward, Elite members only will receive an Elite bracelet to identify you as the Elite member. All other hotel guests will receive a Guest bracelet only if they are in your room, and even if they are children. Guests for additional rooms will not receive bracelets (all-inclusive bracelets will be separate.) Please note that some resorts use the bracelets as room keys. Although the details are being worked out, the primary goal is to make sure we can successfully fulfill the benefits of the program. This may take some time to implement – please be patient as we transition!
  16. I heard there is a new Elite Tier being created – will we lose our Elite benefits? The Club and Developer are researching different benefits that could be added for 25,000 points or higher members. These will be enhanced benefits and will not be taking away existing benefits from the current 4-star, 5 star or Residence Cub members. However, please remember that ALL Elite benefits are subject to change based on cost, staffing needs, ease of fulfillment and other considerations.

7 thoughts on “On-site Elite benefits – Do guests in my room get to use all my Elite benefits?

  1. See you in Oct. thanks for the info. I will call you on the 7th of Oct regarding a possible upgrade.////////////////

  2. Would like 3 items to be considered by the Board to keep & maintain the prestigious Elite membership:
    1. With more and more public guest/group bookings, have noticed a decline in member service/attention …shouldn’t matter what membership level as member service/attention should always outweigh a public /group guest booking (we are 5-star level members but am speaking on behalf of all levels). During our last trip, we felt more like 2nd class/public guests at my personal favorite resort in lieu of being Elite members … have traveled and supported this newer resort 7 times in past 3 years, but booking elsewhere this year. What is being considered to improve the Elite vacation experience vs playing 2nd fiddle to the general public? …. members are repeatedly funding the base that’allows the continued growth but being treated less &less important (dinner reservation times/seating locations, poolside chairs, poolside service, etc)….you are inheritly devaluing the membership value & experience.
    2. Some Elite benefits were reduced/cancelled over the past year as a result of abuse by some members taking a lot of guests …why aren’t those members held accountable/reprimanded vs penalizing everyone?
    Ie: If 2 members are attending with 2 guests, then 1:1 ratio exists, vs 2 members traveling with 10 guests should NOT be able to share benefits with non-member guests beyond the 1:,1 ratio.
    3. Shouldn’t the immediate children and grandchildren of members have same privileges when traveling with and without the member owners (easily police this by having the member naming all children and grandchildren on their memberships) …to whom you think will inherit the membership one day?
    Thank you for continuing to maintain and improve the resorts we call HOME.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you for reading our blog and sharing your feedback with us. I have passed your three items mentioned above along to the Board for review and consideration.

      Best Regards,


      1. I just read the three recommendations from the above member and found it interesting as we are new to the Elite program. They make a lot of sense to me . We are bringing a guest with us and would hope that we can have her participate at the same level while our guest, but agree that bringing a whole table full of guests would detract from the exclusivity of the plan.

        1. Hi Beverly,

          Thank you for reading our blog and sharing your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our members experience at the resort.
          Enjoy your time in the Elite program, and I hope you and your guest have a fantastic experience!

          Best Regards,
          UVCI Marketing Team

    1. Hi Jose,

      Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your inquiry.

      If spouses are listed on your contract they are considered elite and co-members. If they are not documented on the contract, they are considered a guest of a member.

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