Reservation Reminders

shutterstock_675264491. There is one GO TO place for all your member needs – and that is the state-of-the-art Member Service Center in Las Vegas, Nevada! Here the specially-trained staff is at the ready to answer all your questions. They can review your account, book reservations, help you pay maintenance fees or loan payments, vacation bank or borrow, and discuss your membership benefits in detail.

2. The Resorts themselves are staffed to provide you with a GREAT onsite vacation experience – but they are not adequately staffed to handle a large volume of incoming reservation or member account calls the way the Call Center is. Last month the resorts in Mexico received over 500 calls from members to book reservations and these members had to be redirected to the Call Center in order to be serviced properly.


Toll-Free: 1-800-852-47551-800-852-4755

Direct Dial: 1-619-683-74401-619-683-7440

Elite/: 866-464-9284866-464-9284

Villa Preferred Access: 1-866-464-92801-866-464-9280

Gold Members: 1-866-465-38821-866-465-3882

Cancun Members: 1-866-668-92611-866-668-9261

Loreto Members: 1-866-668-90881-866-668-9088


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