Member Website Update

UVCI and the Villa Group take your privacy very seriously. We are committed to informing members about resale and timeshare industry fraud. Additionally, we are striving to educate members about what they can to protect themselves from falling victim to a scam or fraud.

Teaming up with ResortCom and the resorts, we have begun implementing a wide variety of security protocols on all levels – updating hardware, software, permission levels, monitoring protocols, operational processes, industry audits, best practices, PCI compliance (credit card rules and regulations), and more.

It has come to our attention that scammers are becoming more strategic in the measures that they are taking to victimize innocent consumers. One of the newest scams involves individuals copying parts of a legitimate website and then duplicating that information on to another fake website in an attempt to mislead members by having them believe that their illegitimate site is an official one. To combat this, the Club has recently moved all Club membership documents located at from a “public” forum to a “private” and secured page. Click here to learn how you can determine if a website is fraudulent.

All data previously available on the “Club Information” tab is still accessible to Club members, including rules and regulations, membership brochures, minutes from previous meetings, points charts, and other membership information. Again, all of these documents have been moved to a private page on the member website, and they are available to view AFTER you login to the site.

The “Club Info” tab has been changed to “My Membership” with a direct link to the members’ private area on the member website.

Based on your account number and Club affiliation, the left side of your screen will populate with the appropriate documents.

The next screen will prompt you to Sign In. For members that are not yet registered on the member website, creating a login is easy and can be completed in a few steps. Click on “Set Up My Online Account” and enter your information or you can contact ResortCom at 800-852-4755 or via email at, and they will create an account for you.


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  • great job on securing the website — Thanks for the good work — I really like that all the information is on a single site!


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