Staying Safe – Scam Checklist

Staying safe from scams is becoming more and more difficult, especially with the proliferation of scam companies operating on the internet and the more complex measures legitimate companies have to take to keep your personal data safe.  Here is a simple checklist for protecting your membership from a scam

Resale scams

Be wary of any resale company that contacts you unsolicited. Be especially careful if they use our company name or any of our associates such as ResortCom or UVCI to promote their services. We do not endorse any resale companies.

Rental scams

If you are looking to rent your vacation time at any of the resorts, be careful when agents ask you to pay fees upfront. These are usually scams. Again, we do not endorse any particular rental agency, so beware if any claim that we do.

Timeshare lawyers

Most people who claim to be a vacation ownership lawyer are trying to sell a bogus service and you end up paying money for false promises they cannot legally fulfill. You won’t realize you have been scammed, usually some months later, after you have already paid considerable sums of money.

Bogus buyers

It is likely to be a scam if you are called out of the blue with information about a potential buyer for your membership. You are likely to have to pay an introduction fee for the buyer’s information and sometimes you are required to pay for a surveyor’s report. Then the buyer mysteriously pulls out at the last minute. You lose your money.

Companies offering to buy your membership

A common scam occurs when you are approached by another vacation club that claims they will buy your current membership if you sign up with them for a new membership. This is a false promise.

We hope you never need to bear these pointers in mind, and we would like to reassure you that we do not share your information with any external third parties.

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