Tips for a Strong, Powerful, and Accurate Golf Swing

While golfing can be a relaxing way to spend your day in the fresh air with good friends, it’s also a serious sport, and if you’re looking for how to improve your golf swing, there are a few tips and tricks you can practice. By spending your day at the driving range, you can practice specific golf swing exercises that will improve your power and accuracy. Before you head out on the course, take time to analyze your swing and run a few drills, and a better swing will become second nature. With these golf swing tips and dedicated practice, you’ll be under par and in perfect form.

Watch and Analyze Your Swing

Professional players have cameras following them and can easily watch their swing on TV, but for most golfers, you’ll need some help to record your swing. At the driving range with golf buddies, take turns recording videos of each other’s swing, and watch them, analyzing your body’s movement. At the top of your swing, one of the best golf swing tips is to make sure your dominant forearm is parallel with your spine while your other arm is straight. Analyzing the hinge in your wrist is one of the golf swing tips that can significantly change your strike. At the top of your swing, your wrist should already be at a 90° angle. Noticing these fine details is only possible with a video of yourself, and while they may seem like small things to tweak, this is the best way to improve your golf swing.

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Practice Golf Swing Exercises and Drills

Once you’ve watched and analyzed your form, there are a few more golf swing exercises to improve your stance accuracy.

  • Stop and Pause: To double check your form and focus on how to improve your golf swing, pause at the top of your swing, check your alignment, and count to three.
  • Feet Together: Another drill to help you improve your balance is to take some shots with your feet together. When you move back to your normal stance, you’ll find greater balance from your base on up.
  • Cack-Handed Drills: A cack-handed drill can be the best way to improve your golf swing even if it feels a little awkward. Switching your hands and putting your dominant one on top forces your front arm to stay straight while your back arm tucks in.
  • Visualization: The next step for how to improve your golf swing is to focus on accuracy and aim. To visualize where you want the ball to go, lay a second club on the ground, point it at your target, and square your toes and hips up with this line before swinging.

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Get Physically Fit

If you’ve been sore after a day of the course, you know that golf is a full-body exercise, so when it comes to how to improve your golf swing, you’ll need to improve your overall fitness. Start by thinking about your base, using lunges and squats. Then, focus on your core with sit ups and planks. Finally, do some lifting with your arms, and together, these moves become golf swing exercises that will keep your joints limber and give you more energy during the game. As your physical health improves, you’ll notice more range in your swing and more power in your drive. Being in peak shape will also keep you from getting injured or leaving the course sore.

The best way to improve your golf swing is to take a little extra time to focus on form and drills. Improving your overall fitness and your swing will give you a powerful drive down the fairway and accuracy on the greens. Getting to this point takes time, and there are no shortcuts to becoming a better golfer. However, after just a few practice sessions and drills, you’ll start to see a difference on the course.

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