Todos Santos – the Perfect Day Trip from Villa Group Los Cabos

Mexico is full of tiny yet charming towns that grab your attention as soon as you arrive. Todos Santos is truly a one-of-a-kind place. Just imagine – golden beaches, mouth-watering food, exciting surfing sessions and idyllic sunsets – there is no question why it should be on your itinerary. What is more, the stunning town is just a one-hour drive away from Villa Group Los Cabos. Here is a round-up of our favorite things to do and see in the colorful town. 

Hike Punta Lobos (a beach in Todos Santos)

If you are somebody who is into hiking, make sure to hike Punta Lobos – a hidden gem of Mexico. The picturesque place is often packed with local fisherman launching their skiffs or pangas in the beach. If you can set aside at least 3.5 hours, then you can do the trek without any stress or hurry. As you pass through the desert, you will be able to admire the incredible fauna and flora. Like a cherry on top, the hike ends at San Pedro beach’s cove. There you will be rewarded with a truly magical vista and, if you are lucky, you might even spot some whales. After building up an appetite, reward yourself with a picnic for an even lovelier experience.

Hang out with baby turtles 

Those who travel to Punta Lobos during winter, from December to February, get the chance to participate in an extraordinary activity – releasing baby turtles on the beaches. The operation is sponsored by Tortugueros Las Playacita, who care for the endangered sea creatures. At the time of the activity, animal experts pay attention to whether the baby turtles have the abilities they need to survive. Although it is amazing just to view the whole process, the fact you can take part in the release is even more incredible. If you are an animal lover – make sure to include this activity in your plans.

Explore local farmer’s market 

When exploring any new city for the first time, it is fun to visit the local farmer’s market, and Punta Lobos is no exception. You will find all sorts of yummy things in the market – avocados, strawberries, papayas, chilli peppers, and other colourful veggies and fruits. The foodie paradise is typically swarmed by both locals and tourists since it is open all year-round –  in Punta Lobos, harvest is taken seriously. Don’t forget to buy some tasty tequila, homemade pastries and mouth-watering smoked fish. The market is also a great place to find unique interior pieces.

Admire art in the Galeria de Todos Santos 

Are you a fan of art? Then remember to include Galeria de Todos Santos in your travel itinerary. Opened in 1994 by Michael and Pat Cope, the gallery showcases beautiful work by both Mexican and American artists. One of the most remarkable parts of the gallery is the sculpture garden which has an impressive collection of wooden, marble and resin sculptures. Since the gallery exhibits not only contemporary but also traditional art pieces, it is a perfect site for all kinds of visitors. Admire the fantastic landscapes, realistic works, and abstract paintings and decide which one is your favorite.

Have fun at Playa Los Cerritos, located a 15 minute drive from Todos Santos

Mexico has got plenty of incredible beaches. However, Playa Los Cerritos might be one of its best-kept secrets. Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, it is the perfect destination for a laid-back barbecue, sunset watching or simply strolling along the coastline. 

Sure, partying and letting loose on the beach is fun, but sometimes it is great to have a peaceful day, which is why Playa Los Cerritos is so wonderful. Whenever you feel that hunger kicks in, have a meal at one of the beach-side restaurants, which are operated by prestigious chefs. The beautiful beach is also an excellent place for learning how to surf.

Discover the Baja Activities Center 

Without a doubt, the Baja Activities Center is one of the best places to start off your day trip in Todos Santos. Whether you are looking to do some hiking or try horseback riding for the first time, the center has got plenty of fun things you can do, and therefore anybody will find something suited to their interests. Craving a unique experience? Then you might want to think about swimming with sharks or sea lions, or, even better, go on a whale-watching trip. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Grab a paleta 

All around Todos Santos, you will find many spots selling these incredible Mexican popsicles. Just by walking around the town, you will inevitably stumble upon a shop selling the delicious treats. Since there are plenty of flavors to choose from, you can be sure you will be able to taste something that matches your taste buds. One of the most popular places to buy a paleta is Paleteria La Paloma, located on the edge of the town. The frozen snack will probably cost you no more than $1.

Do a little shopping 

Wandering around the streets of Todos Santos, you will notice many artisan shops that sell unique and quirky things – colorful tree bark paintings, beautiful textiles, including tablecloths, napkins and backpacks, as well as good quality leather products. Pay attention also to hand-crafted masks, alebrijes – small figurines typically depicting animals or other creates, and fantastic ceramics. If you are a shopaholic at heart, you will definitely enjoy the shops of Todos Santos. However, do keep in mind – most of the crafts aren’t actually local, that is why they can be a bit pricey. 

Enjoy fishing at Punta Lobos 

Fishing plays an essential part in Todos Santos’ culture and way of life. The beautiful water has almost any fish you could imagine – tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper and many others. That is why it is one of the best places to go on an old-style fishing adventure. Just be prepared to wake up at dawn, then you might even catch a glimpse of fishermen casting their nets and hauling them onto their boats. Punta Lobos is also the place where many restaurants buy their fish. Do remember – you have to sign up for the fishing tour ahead of time.

Discover the Hotel California 

You have probably heard this song before: Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place… Well, as it turns out, Hotel California really is lovely. Even though the hotel in Todos Santos is not actually connected to the famous Eagles hit, it is still a fantastic place to see. Typically, Hotel California is swarmed with people, so make sure to plan your visit in the early morning, when the city is just beginning to wake up.


  • We have been going to this lovely little town for many years as a day trip from Cabo. We love to eat at Tequila Sunrise. The owner, Manuel, is a world renowned margarita maker. The food there is organic and never disappoints! Many times we drive over just to eat there. Everyone is friendly, the art is beautiful, the vendors always have great products. Hotel California is always a fun spot. It’s right across from Tequila Sunrise. Enjoy

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback. We are glad to hear you enjoyed Todos Santos and thank you for sharing your travel tips with us.


      • Hi Dianne,

        You can rent a car or book a small group tour of the town that includes roundtrip transportation from the Resort into Todos Santos (and back). The activities office onsite can assist you with this.

        • We are staying at Villa Del Armco at the end of September. Can we book a day trip to Todos Santos when we arrive in Cabo with the resort?

          • Hi Jennifer,

            Yes, you can book this tour with the Activities Office Onsite. Please be advised that due to COVID this tour being offered/its availability may change at anytime.

            We hope you enjoy it 🙂

  • Thank you. Please do this more often o all the other things to do in the lower Baja.

    Steve and Cindy Marden


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