Club Update

After more than a decade of operating hotels and resorts with some of the leading hospitality companies in the world, I joined UVCI and quickly learned that our members truly are number one. Some members started their journey with us more than 30 years ago, and we continue to add to our family every day.

When visiting our resorts, I am fortunate to engage with our members and learn about their likes, challenges, and most importantly, what keeps them coming back over and over again. Recently in Puerto Vallarta, a member shared family vacation photos from our resort in the 1980s, and also from 2019. Everyone had gracefully matured over the years, but the smiles and pure joy on everyone’s faces hadn’t aged a day. Our developers created our vacation clubs with YOU, our members, in mind, with the goal of providing extraordinary vacation experiences, all the time, every time.  In everything we do, the impact to our members is a key focus.

We are continually evolving ways to increase flexibility to your membership.  Last year we completed our TPC Danzante Bay Golf course at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. This picturesque course has already been ranked as the #1 and Best Course in Mexico by Golf Advisor. In Cabo San Lucas, substantial room renovations will be completed this year to enhance your experience. Several of our resort destinations saw enhanced Food and Beverage offerings so our members would have more dining selections while vacationing.

To further improve your vacation planning, each resort has created an event calendar with a variety of meaningful and fun experiences throughout the year. We thank members for their valuable feedback on the events you would like to see more of and have used this in our scheduling. Members can get a glimpse of this calendar on our website (

As we grow, member satisfaction remains a priority. We are committed to improving our communication efforts through quarterly event email blasts, monthly digital newsletters, daily social media posts, and quarterly member photo contests on social media to provide you with the information you need to optimize your membership and stay engaged with your vacation club.

We are grateful to have you as part of our Club family. You are number one or numero uno in our book, today, tomorrow and always! See you on vacation.

Nicholas Larez

UVCI Vice President


  • Thanks for the great article, Nicholas! Danny and I look forward to seeing you in October at the annual meeting!

    • Hi Barb,

      Thank you for reading our blog and sharing your feedback with us. We are happy to hear your feedback and will pass this along to the other resorts as well.

      Best Regards,



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