Villa Group Resorts Organic Gardens

shutterstock_133745510As one of the world’s twelve countries to be considered mega-diverse, Mexicans are taking the safety of their homeland’s biodiversity very seriously.  People all over the nation are getting involved to make a positive difference on the environment.

Villa Group has made it their aim, not only to go green by implementing a number of environmentally friendly activities at their resorts, but to also get their guests involved in the process.  The goal is to spread excitement about an environmentally progressive future and to show everyone how small details can go a long way.

With the help of the garden staff, vegetable, spice and herb gardens have been planted at all of the Villa Group locations.  These gardens, which help reduce the ecological footprint of the hotel, provide many of the ingredients used in the delicious menus found at the restaurants on site.  In addition, each location has separate bins for organic and inorganic waste.  Guests are not only invited, but encouraged to help the process by separating their own garbage when possible.


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