Villa Group Update – Fall 2014

Yes You Can!

At the Villa Group resorts, we are committed to providing the very best vacation experience possible. “Yes You Can!” is an organization-wide program that focuses on employee empowerment to increase morale, motivation and performance. “Yes You Can!” means “Yes you can take ownership of assisting this member. Yes you can provide great customer service. Yes you can earn company recognition for your great attitude and effort!” Throughout all levels of management, staff, and in each and every department, the Villa Group is instilling a culture of service and dedication to excellence. Each and every employee is empowered and encouraged to take ownership of answering a question or directing the member to the correct place for help. We know how important it is to keep our employees motivated and optimistic. A happy employee provides better service and enjoys his or her job more, which translates into fantastic and memorable vacations for you! Next time you are at the resort, if you experience great customer service (we are hoping and expecting you to) please take a moment to jot down the person’s name. A little recognition goes a long way!yes you can 2