Villa Group Update – The Secret is Out

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All of our Club members that fell in love with Mexico and decided it was a perfect place to vacation can pat themselves on the back for being so smart. Because now more than ever, Mexico is becoming a worldwide destination hotspot.

In 2014, Mexico experienced record breaking tourism, with more than 29 million international visitors. This represents an increase of more than 20%. The Mexico Tourism Board recently shared statistics indicating that passengers on international flights into Mexico increased by 10.7% last year, with 72% of these travelers from the United States and Canada. The bulk of tourists arrive by air, but Mexico also saw an increase in border tourism of 35.5%, as well as an increase in cruise tourism of 26.3%.

Medical tourism for medical and dental procedures, now one of the most popular forms of tourism, has also increased in Mexico.  Medical tourists are a leadings source of tourism revenues, primarily because they have longer stays and spend more tourist dollars.  A bill was introduced in Mexico recently to allow the Ministry of Health to issue certifications for service providers in the area of medical tourism, provided they meet quality and safety standards.  Mexico is positioning itself as a world-class destination for medical travel and understands the importance of establishing regulatory policy.

We at the Villa Group and UVCI take your comfort and security very seriously while at the resorts, and likewise, Mexico has implemented many public relations, security and tourism programs to counter the ongoing issue of media bias so travelers can feel secure and comfortable while travelling abroad. One way travelers feel reassured is by knowing reliable and professional medical facilities are close by. Research has shown that the first factor that determines a place to live are its hospital facilities. Luckily for UVCI members, a brand new hospital has opened in one of your favorite Villa Group destinations, Los Cabos. 

Hospital H+ is a brand new medical facility that provides services to local and international patients.  The new hospital is conveniently located between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and is the most technologically advanced private hospital in Baja California Sur. It is professionally staff and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology.  It offers radiology and imagining (MRI; CT; ultrasound, digital radiology; mammography; Fluoroscopy), an onsite lab for immunochemistry, microbiology and hematology testing, 16 hospital rooms, 4 intensive care units, 3 operating rooms, a pharmacy, a blood bank, 24-hour ER and triage, pediatric and newborn care, radiology, cardiology, therapy, specialized clinics, a variety of surgical procedures, and a large variety of health care services. For more information about Hospital H+ and their services, treatment and doctors please click here. The website is offered in both Spanish and English.

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