Wellness Week Recap

Visiting the beautiful Islands of Loreto is a peaceful and relaxing vacation experience that is sure to help you unwind and rejuvenate your entity. Recently, I visited Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto for Wellness Week from September 2-8, 2017. The serene ambience of the resort and the location, paired with the wellness activities for the week, allowed me to relax and let go of everything that was stressing me out prior to this trip, letting me be mindful to, and fully engaged in, my own wellness journey.

Getting Ready For Yoga With Lissa Coffey

With the waves lapping in the background, the wind gently blowing and the sun shining down on us, we began each day of Wellness Week with beachside yoga led by Lissa Coffey. By starting off each day with yoga we were able to focus on our breath and on being present in each moment. Lissa gave us all reference materials such as a sun salutation diagram to reference for our own yoga practice, which comes in handy when practicing my yoga at home.

Yoga Led By Lissa Coffey

Fitness and boot camp circuit classes were taught daily by Rebecca Broxterman, professional fitness trainer from Los Angeles. Her workouts were challenging and fun. She offered three different modifications for each activity to ensure that all age and fitness levels could participate, and be challenged by her workouts. My favorite fitness class that she led was an entire hour with resistance bands. We utilized four different resistance levels with the bands to get a full body workout and I could definitely feel my muscles working in new ways.

Cool Down After Boot Camp with Rebecca Broxterman

Claudine (Spa Manager) led a seminar titled “Aloe Vera: Organic Tips & Learn to Make Your Own After Sun Gel.” Claudine demonstrated how to cut off the sides of aloe vera, chop it, put it in a blender with a cup of ice, and blend it to create an after sun gel that is sure to cure your sunburn. I applied this sun gel to the sunburn on my shoulders and was immediately greeted with a cool sensation that stopped all of the discomfort I was previously feeling from my sunburn. My sunburn was gone in under two days with this organic post-sun treatment!

Learning to Make Aloe Vera Gel with Claudine, Spa Manager

Healthy meal plans, water aerobics, guided hiking with golf course views, earthing sessions, relaxation at the Sabila Spa with massages, and time to relax at the resort were also an integral part of this week. All aspects of this week were calming and tailored to meet individual wellness goals, providing a fun space for participants to interact with one another and share their passions for wellness.

Aqua Aerobics Led By Duvis

During this week, we had time to really listen to our bodies and to start or continue on our own individual wellness journeys while overlooking Danzante Bay and the indigo waters of “The Aquarium of the World.” Every activity was fun and challenged me with a new move or fact. Simply put, this was an amazing experience all around. I cannot wait to return to the Islands of Loreto for the next Wellness Week in April 2018 to continue my wellness journey.

Guided Hike With Carlos

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    • Hi L Kelley,

      Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your inquiry. There will not be a Wellness event in Cancun during December 2017. Cancun does their annual wellness event every October. The spa still will offer their services and yoga will be offered by the activities team during your visit. Hope this helps.


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