What to Do When You Need More Points

There is no doubt about it; the more points you own, the greater flexibility you will have to stay in the types of suites you love best and to stay as long as you wish. If you have a special event coming up soon and you want to bring more family members with you or you want to take an extra vacation one year, you could upgrade or purchase more points. However, there are additional options available to you when you wish you had more points to cover your stay: Borrowing, using Club Time or Preferred Time, planning ahead through Banking, and Accelerating for those Senior VPA Members.

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When upgrading your membership is not an option for you at the time, you can borrow points from future years to cover your reservation. Members with full annual memberships are able to borrow a full year’s allotment of Club points for up to five successive calendar years in advance for use in the current calendar year. Biennial members can borrow from their next use year’s allocation.

Elite 4 Star members can borrow up to seven successive years in advance. Elite 5 Star and Residence Club members can borrow up to ten successive years in advance. All you have to do is pay for the maintenance fees for the years you borrow. Borrowed points may not be used during the holiday seasons.

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Club Time

Club Time is additional rental vacation time available through the resort all year long, based on availability. As a Club member you can add additional nights of rental during your vacation. Based on space available at the resort, members have special members’ nightly rental rates called “Club Time”-which are always the lowest possible nightly rates at our resorts.

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Preferred Time

Preferred Time is additional rental vacation time available through the Club in the summer season that Villa Preferred Access members can use for discounted rates. Based on space available inventory at the resort, members pay a pro-rated maintenance fee for the additional points used for your requested unit size. You can use Preferred Time to extend your trip or reserve two units at the same time in the summer season (weeks 18-43). Preferred Time is a good choice if you don’t want to borrow a future year’s use. It is the most affordable rental option; however, it is limited to summer season.

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If you have time to plan ahead and need to have more points to cover a particular unit size or length of stay for the following year, you can bank your points from one year to the next. In order to bank points for the following year, you must do so before by October 31 of each year and be up to date with your maintenance fees. You may bank points easily by calling Member Services at 1 800 852 4755.

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Acceleration (Senior Points Memberships)

Acceleration is when you use points from the back end of your membership; this benefit is only available to Senior VPA members with an annual membership. In order to take advantage of this benefit you will be required to pay for a full set of points and pay the associated maintenance fees for these points. At least 30% of the purchase price for your membership must be paid for to start Accelerating. Accelerated points may not be used during the holiday seasons.

There is no reason to ever miss out on a vacation in paradise. Even if you don’t have the current points you need, you have a number of options. Please click here for our current Club Promotions to help you optimize your membership.


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