What You Need to Know to Avoid Scams

Your privacy comes first to us here at UVC International. But unfortunately, in today’s world, scams do happen. To help you navigate these situations, we have gathered the below information and resources so that you can best protect your membership. We have tried to answer all questions regarding this topic below. However, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Member Services by emailing memberservices@resortcom.com so we can best assist you.

How can I know a scammer has reached out to me?

Unfortunately, sometimes it is not easy to recognize scam artists. You may never know for sure who is behind the telephone, especially because they have many different tactics they use to confuse people. However, listen to your intuition. Usually, when something seems too good to be true, it most often is.

Whether you are approached by telephone, e-mail, or mail, pay close attention to the message you are receiving. Quite often, the criminal may use a company name that – at first glance – seems real. In fact, sometimes, you may even look it up on the internet. Other scammers may position themselves as a part of our resort or organization. They may introduce themselves, stating our name and information details. However, when you try to find out more, they won’t share with you much else except for a telephone number and name.

So how can you be sure we aren’t the ones contacting you?


  • We never ask our members to sell your membership or any other information.
  • We never offer our members to rent out their vacation ownsership for them.
  • We never ask our members to pay “Mexican Taxes” or other suspicious fees that can’t be verified.
  • Our company values the privacy of our members. Therefore, we will never sell or share any of your personal information. We keep all data regarding our clients safely encrypted on our systems. It can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

What are typical scams?

Scam artists frequently change their tactics. They are professionals, so they update their strategies to become more effective all the time. Look out for these latest scams:

  • The scammer may give you suspicious offers. For example, they might ask to purchase or rent your vacation ownership. Paying an upfront fee is also common.
  • The con artists may say they have a “guaranteed” exit for your membership.
  • Quite often, scammers may reach out to your through calls and emails many times a day.
  • Sometimes the scammers say they would like to work with the resort on your behalf. They may lie and say they are partners for our resorts. Sometimes, they even act as part of the Mexican government.
  • Before continuing the conversation, they might say you have to confirm your account information.
  • Quite often, scammers make up a city-wide event, which will drive many tourists to the area. That can be a fishing tournament, a concert, or anything else that occurs on a specific date. Then, they insist that this is the time to rent out your property.
  • Also – pay attention to “The $799 Scam.” It’s not uncommon for scammers to ask members to pay $799 upfront (or $14,500, or any other fee) and then offer to rent out their vacation ownership.

A scam artist has contacted me. What now?

  1. If a scam artist has reached out to you, make sure to get as many details as possible about their organization. Whether they are approaching you through telephone, mail, or e-mail, write down their contact details and also the specific time and date they reached out to you. It is important to save all correspondence. Remember not to forward suspicious e-mails because they may contain viruses. Most importantly – don’t share information about your membership. Don’t give out your bank account number, check, credit card, and don’t send them your money (which is often requested via wire transfer).
  2. If you believe that a scammer has contacted you, file a report with a law enforcement agency. Although we can’t file a claim on your behalf, we can assist you in the process. Again, remember to provide as much information as possible.
  3. Give us a call. If the e-mails aren’t suspicious (don’t contain viruses), we may ask you to forward us the messages you received at memberservices@resortcom.com.
  4. If the criminal has called you, ask them to remove you from their contact list and end the conversation.
  5. Have a look at the current list of known scam artists. Here you can find up-to-date information on companies that are under suspicion. Some examples of organizations you should watch out for:
    • Exotic Equity Transfers and Elite Equity Transfers, LLC
    • Professional Closing Company
    • Resort Realty. Inc./Resort Solutions, Inc.
    • International Business Management
    • Mexican Vacation Ownership Solutions (MTS)
    • Resort Advantage International

How can I file a report on potential fraud activity?

  1. First – contact the Federal Trade Commission, Business Fraud Division. To do so, call 1-877-382-4357. It is also possible to file a report online. Click here for more information.
  2. Another option is to contact your state’s Attorney General’s Office. Using a search engine, type, for example, “Nevada Attorney General’s Office.” The first link is most typically the right one.
  3. You can also file a complaint at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The relatively new agency focuses on scams against consumers.
  4. Lastly, contact at our office at memberservices@resortcom.com or 1-800-852-4755 so we can continue to work against these scammers.

Remember to follow updates on the latest scam techniques and always trust your gut. If something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. We hope that you will never have to deal with these issues, but we are here to assist if you do.

For a list of top known scam companies, click here.

For the main things you need to know regarding scams, click here.

4 thoughts on “What You Need to Know to Avoid Scams

  1. The current scam I am dealing is with UVCI. I, and my partner, transferred our contract to our kids and your company has vastly changed the contract so it is useless. We have tried to provide you with proof they are our kids, and for 3 months we have heard NOTHING.

    1. Hi Tim,

      We have our Member Services Team looking into this and we will be contacting you shortly with an update. Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your inquiry. We will be in touch.

  2. We were contacted by a “company” that identified itself as “Rockefellers Property Consultants”, the beginning of February, 2022. The caller said he was representing investors who were willing to buy our ownership because the vacation ownership in Loreto has been oversold and owners are complaining they are unable to get into the resort when they want. They sounded legitimate and sent us a purchase offer for an amount much greater than what we paid. Red flags and bells and whistles started going off when I tried to locate the name of the attorney’s office they provided (online search showed an attorney’s office with a name that was similar, but off by one letter) and calls from the Netherlands with the same phone number started coming in. So glad we didn’t provide them with legal documents they had requested.

    1. Hi Allen and Christine,

      Thank you for reading our blog and sharing your experience with us. We are glad to hear that you circumvented the scammers!

      Best Regards,

      Your Club Team

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