At Villa del Arco and Villa del Palmar, Cabo San Lucas it is our mission to provide every member and guest with extraordinary experiences and a vacation that will be remembered forever. David Peruyero, your Activities Manager at both resorts, is an integral part of making sure that this happens. In this interview David shares what inspires him and explains how participating in activities can make your vacations even more memorable.

What inspires you?

This job inspires me because I love to be part of the entertainment team. I like to get involved with our guests and showcase my talent. I like to wake up and know that we need to implement new things and new ideas to make the guest smile.

How did you find yourself on the Activities path?

I feel I am a good leader and always make sure that everything is under control. I feel that I am very suited to activities, as I am a very active person and love sports and entertainment.

Where do you get inspiration from to design your Activities?

I like to see other places. I am always attending different events, and seeing what works to find new ideas!

What is it like to be in charge of the resort’s Activities Program?

It is very rewarding and exciting. Every day is a new challenge that I feel I overcome and progress with.

How do you help create memorable vacations for our members and guests?

I am always smiling and keeping a positive attitude to make sure that my team and I provide the best entertainment, fun activities, and make a connection with our guests.

Complimentary activities take place at the main lower pool area and beach area everyday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Activities include beach and water volleyball, pool games, water aerobics, basketball, bingo, shuffleboard, Spanish lessons, Mexican salsa and guacamole making, volleyball, and ping pong along with “Wet & Wacky” and “Lazy” games.

Please see your concierge for a current schedule of Activities.