El Meco ruins are approximately a seven minute drive from the resort, making it a convenient stop for your next vacation in Cancun! This archaeological site provides visitors with a step back in ancient history and a peaceful experience viewing the site that exists in a lush setting with many iguanas.

El Meco had two community risings. Archeologists believe that this small city was first inhabited in 200 AD and abandoned around 600 AD. It was during this time the community served as an important civil and ceremonial center.

The second rising was during the post classic period. Archeologists see architectural highlights that resonate with Chichen Itza and the Itzamna. At the foot of the eastern facing steps of the Castillo are two well-preserved serpent heads, similar to that found at Chichen Itza. It was also during this time that nearby settlements, San Miguelito and El Rey worked with El Meco to further develop the Maya inland and sea trade networks. It is assumed the settlement was abandoned upon the arrival of the Spanish but the actual history is unknown.

Cost per person is $5 USD, compared to most archaeological ruins nearby that cost around $50 USD to tour. Since this site is in such a hidden location many people often do not know about it. It is a pleasure to visit as the ruins are breath-taking and the historical charm of this small location should be enjoyed by all.