One of our main goals is to consistently provide all members with the best vacation experiences possible. In order to keep raising the bar for exceptional experiences, we are pleased to announce that this year Villa del Palmar Cancun now has Proximity Keys. Most members and guests always have their smartphones with them – these “keys” allow you to use your smartphone when you are in the “proximity” of your door instead of remembering your room key, and will help preserve the environment since we will not need to produce room keys.

How it works

When you check-in, an electronic key code will be created for your room. You will be sent an email with the details of your reservation and the link to download the app depending on the operating system you have on your cell phone. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store on iOS, which is compatible with Androids 4.3 or later and iPhones 4 or later.

  1. Once the app is downloaded, open the app and register using the same email address that you used when checking in.1
  2. Once logged in, you will see the details of your reservation as well as a message that indicates when the room will be ready. If the room is not ready, the app will notify you when it is.2
  3. When the room is ready, the electronic key on your cellphone will show a green Wi-Fi symbol and the room number, indicating that you can now open the door to your unit.3
  4. You will need to activate the Bluetooth function on your cell phone so that you can use keyless entry. If you do not have Bluetooth turned on, you will see a message asking you to activate it.4We look forward to welcoming you back to Villa del Palmar Cancun so that you can try this new service and enjoy another luxurious vacation with us. For more details or to make your reservation please call Member Services at 800-852-4755. three-bedroom-speciality-loft-villa-del-palmar-cancun-3