Cancun is renowned for being a world-class family vacation hotspot. There is so much to do here that it can be very hard to pick just a few things to dedicate your precious vacation time to. With this in mind, we would recommend that anyone visiting with their children, or those who love animals, consider a trip to Crococun Zoo. A visit to Crococun Zoo is sure to delight the whole family, and it only requires a 20 mile drive south of the city.

Crococun is a regional animal zoo which means you’ll be seeing only animals that can be found in the area naturally: Macaws, crocodiles, snakes, turtles, deer, and Mexican hairless dogs known as Xoloitxcuintli. This is a zoo which only houses animals rescued from incidents and accidents in the region.

The zoo’s claim to fame is the fact that you can walk amongst the resident crocodiles, but that is not all there is to Crococun! You will also see spider monkeys living high up in the canopies and white-tailed deer enjoying spacious areas throughout the zoon. The park has a successful reproduction program in place, and there are on-site veterinarians as well as an agronomist (a specialized soil and plant scientist) who take care of all animals and plants.

Crococun is open daily from 9am to 5pm and entry fees are: free for children aged 0-5, approximately $18 for seniors, $20 for children from 6 – 12, and $30 for adults. Treat your family to a day out they will never forget with this unique experience!