The beautiful, charming town of the Islands of Loréto is one of the oldest settlements in the Baja California region. The quiet town is full of history and overflowing with majestic appeal. From preserved wildlife to colonial splendor, the Islands of Loréto has so much to do and see.

5 Things to do at the Islands of Loréto

  1. Enjoy a water excursion to explore the stunning areas that surround the city and the Islands of Loréto. Kayaking, sailing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, diving, hooka diving, and boat tours are all favorite ways to see the natural beauty that this UNESCO World Heritage site has to offer. The Sea of Cortez has astounding sights of volcanic formations, bustling reefs, and more than 1,000 marine species.  loreto LED

2. Take in the history of the Islands of Loréto by visiting the San Javier Mission. This mission was built in 1759 and is in the Sierra Giganta Mountains. See the archaeological remains of an old Jesuit mission, surrounded by a town with cobblestone streets and the oldest olive gardens in Baja.

san javier mission loreto

3. Explore the caves at the Islands of Loréto to see some of the most ancient cave paintings in the world dating back up to 7,000 years ago. These paintings showcase the vibrant culture of the area by depicting representations of both humans and animals such as birds and reptiles.  Caves can be seen in Rancho San Gregorio, Cueva La Palma, Cueva El Borrego, and Cueva Pintada.


4. Island Hopping: There are five Islands of Loréto: Coronado, Danzante, Del Carmen, Montserrat, and Santa Catalina. These islands provide a variety of activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, photo safaris, and exploring the majestic scenery. A $25 pesos permit fee for access to the Natural Reserve Marine Park is required to visit any of the Islands of Loréto.

Isla Danzante Baha de Loreto B.C.S. Mxico

The Five Islands of Loréto:

  • Isla Coronado: A 30 minute boat ride away from Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto. Here you can sunbathe on the beach, observe colonies of sea lions and dolphins, go snorkeling, and explore the island.
  • Isla Danzante: Features an amazing array of native plants, choral groups and a wide variety of marine life. This island is the home of lovely beaches and a great place to enjoy diving, hiking, or relaxing in the sun.
  • Isla Del Carmen: The largest island in the Sea of Cortez. This island features amazing salt deposits, breathtaking beaches, and caves.
  • Isla Montserrat: The perfect place for wild game viewing, snorkeling, and hiking.
  • Isla Santa Catalina: Boasts incredible natural beauty, gorgeous scenic views, and a rich diversity of fauna.destination-villa-del-palmar-at-the-islands-of-loreto5. Rejuvenate by being one with nature. The diverse landscapes and variety of wildlife makes visiting the Islands of Loréto an unparalleled adventure. Go mountain biking in the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains, hike the local region, rock climb in Juncalito, or meditate by the bay. Bond with Mother Nature and return home feeling renewed.  villa del palmar loreto 9

With a variety of ways to take in the surrounding nature and culture, make the most of your vacation at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto by catering to whatever strikes your fancy. Please ask your concierge for more information on activities and tours.